Administrative divisions of the United States of Akkerman

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Location of the claims, where red is actual territory and green is area which can be associated with the USA.

Administrative divisions of the United States of Akkerman are politically dividing claimed territory of micronation. Unlike Ukraine, a system of division is borrowed from United States of America, due to this the main entity of nation is autonomous state. By the way, the divisions of middle size (for example, provinces) in states are absent.

Types of entities

  • State (Russian: Штат) is a general entity. Country can associate as many states as it wants, however it takes some time, and big territories beyond the Bessarabia can't be included. Each state can set up government, official languages, flag and emblem. 10 persons are able to represent their state in National Assembly.
  • City (Russian: Город) is a small entity under the rule of state. It still has quite big level of autonomy as it can have its own administration, languages and emblems. The only differences are that it can't have own flag (as Chokin says, city flags were cancelled to "prevent symbolics overload") and it doesn't send their own representers to the government.
  • Federal District (Russian: Федеральный Округ) is small territory (predominantly city) with all rights of the common state. The only federal district in USA is the capital – New Whiteyard City.
  • Associated territory (Russian: Ассоциированная территория) is being declared when formed administration of some entity wishes to include their area into the territory of USA. AT is intended as temporary entity which exists until all formal actions will be rewieved and fulfilled, or before some reason will cancel the process of association.
  • Consulate (Russian: Консульство) is a non-sovereign entity purposed for solvement of civil questions at the territory of another country.

List of the entities


States of the USA
States of the USA
Flag State Abbreviation Capital Population Area Official languages Governor
Akkerman AK n/a n/a 24.3 km² n/a n/a
Britovka BI n/a n/a 7.17 km² n/a n/a
Mologa ML n/a n/a 3.81 km² n/a n/a
Sadovoe SD n/a n/a 2.49 km² n/a n/a
Salgany SL n/a n/a 11.6 km² n/a n/a
Shabo SA n/a n/a 13.8 km² n/a n/a
Suholuzhje SH n/a n/a 15.1 km² n/a n/a
Vygon VG n/a n/a 4.07 km² n/a n/a
Vypasnoe VP n/a n/a 12 km² n/a n/a

Flag District Abbreviation Population Area Official languages Governor
New Whiteyard City NW 5 274 m² Russian Valentina Chokina