Administrative divisions of Misberia

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The Misberian Antonian Confederacy or commonly known as the Misberian Confederacy or Misberia had four tiers to its administrative divisions with seventeen different divisions in total. These regions are found all over the world making Misberia a diverse nation both culturally and geographically.


A Wihke is considered the capital of the nation, currently there are three located around the world, Aci in Maine, Azul in Mexico and Halcyon in the United Kingdom. Wihkes are usually rocks but Halcyon is the exemption with it being the only capital city in practice. Wihke means "He or She is Building a House of Change" in Passamaquoddy-Maliseet.

Flag of Aci


Aci pictured, July 2020

The Wihke of Aci was first founded on the 5th of July of 2020 whilst Archie Birch and Maria Birch were on a camping trip, while on this camping trip they came across a rive rock which was smooth and after some debate was decided to become the capitol of Misberia. The rock was first under the protection of Maria Birch until her passing on the 31st of July. After then Archie became the protector of the rock until November 2020 when he returned from Machias. Following that it was decided Jamie Birch, the Witapal would hold onto the rock as its protector until the foreseeable future. The rock has been all over Northern New England, going to the top of Mt.Washtington, to the southern parts of Maine near Naples all the way to the far reaches of downeast Maine in Machias. The name Wihke of Aci means "He or She is building a house of change"

Tomkomikes and Colonies

Coat of Arms of Leenderkapellerbos
Flag of Leenderkapellerbos

State of Leenderkapellerbos:

Sakom: Kor-renn'a

Sakom Advisor: Unannounced

Region Located: The Netherlands

Population: 1

The Leenderkapellerbos (LKB) is a region based in a forest in Landgraaf, a municipality in the Netherlands. It was gifted to the Misberian Confederacy by the Imperator of the Empire of Takaar after the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020. It is roughly 2.5 square kilometres (0.7 square miles), with a chapel in roughly the middle, and Kasteel Schaesberg next to it. The government is currently closed down due to significant lack of citizens, and a new system shall be put in place once the population has been rebuilt.

Flag of Cǎo Chǎng

State of 草场 (Cǎo Chǎng)

Cǎo Chǎng, pictured December 2020

Sakom: Matthew Xia

Sakom Advisor: Unannounced

Region Located: Southern California

Population: 1

草场(Cǎo Chǎng) is a region based in Southern California, an enclave within the capital province of Xijing in the Republic of Yu-Xia adjacent to the Naverian parish of Nuevo Diego. It was a gift by Matthew Xia of Yu-Xia on 3 December 2020 as an informal sign of goodwill by the aforementioned nation. The region is roughly 40 square meters(~ 484 square feet) and is mostly covered by a field of grass, as the name 草场 literally means 'Grass Field in English'. Given the small population of 1, Cǎo Chǎng currently does not have a government in place but plans to form one once the population of the region grows.

Flag of East Holzstrad

State of East Holzstrad

Coat of Arms of East Holzstrad

Sakom: Weldingo

Sakom Advisor: Unannounced

Regions Located: Texas

Population: 1

The Kingdom of East Holzstrad is a region based in a small creek by the Kingdom of Voldenstien in Central Texas. It was gifted to Misberia by King Wright I of Voldenstien and Austonia as a sign of friendship when the two nations signed there mutual Recognition treaty. There is no official size of East Holzstrad, but estimates put it at the size of about 30 yards wide and 50 yards long. It is a perfect rectangle, taken from the Voldian province of Holzstrad. It is home to a small town named Karelat, named after the Voldian word for lumber which is Karelette. There is also a small, abandoned fort from the old nation of Yuthol. The main export of East Holzstrad is lumber. The government is an absolute monarchy, with King Archie Birch I as King. The territory has no permanent population, but is still considered a region of Misberia.

Flag of Maria Land

Maria Land

Maria Birch Memorial Meeting Place
Picture of Machias, 2020
Picture of Timberia, 2020

Sakom: Duchess Maeve of Brandy

Sakom Advisor: Witapal Jamie Birch

Regions Located: Maine, New Hampshire and Nova Scotia

Population: 23

The Kingdom of Maria Land or commonly referred to as Maria Land is the oldest Misberian claim being around since the formation of proto Misberia in April of 2015. The region holds the largest population at eighteen and has been the place of many events and changes within the nation including the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 and the first and only party congress in Misberian history. The region is home to seven towns making the largest region by population, settlements and size, the region has many things named after Maria Birch, including the name of the region itself. The region is bordered by seven nations those being, Pyrostan and People's Republic of Adonia in Greater Songo and Commonwealth of New Virginia, Uber-Essian Union, Reino de Atlia, Aspen and Commonwealth of Naveria in Machias. The capitol of the region is Greater Songo, with its high population and number of claims making it the largest town in Misberia. The region itself is lead by a Sakom, who is appointed by the population but must be female, the Sakom's council is made up of advisors from each town or claim in the region making the current council eight strong repersenting the following towns and settlements, North Augusta, Machias, Eastport, Timberia, Old Mistak, Greater Songo, Battery Steele and South Songo. The region boasts its own diplomatic programs include sister city programs with the GUM Sister Cities Program and its own Community Outreach Program, the following are its partners and cities partaking in the sister city programs.


FLAGMNG.png Confederation of El Dorado - Pasabrillo, GUM Program

Empire of Aenopia flag.png Empire of Aenopia - New Llandudno, GUM Program

Flag of Iustus.svg Empire of Iustus - Curtis City, GUM Program

Aspen Cross Flag.jpeg Aspen - Williamsburg, Community Outreach Program

Flag of Kingdom of Atlia.svg Reino de Atlia - Atlium, Community Outreach Program


Empire of Aenopia flag.png Empire of Aenopia - New Aberdare, GUM Program

Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera - St. Cavendish, GUM Program

Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Federal Union of Wegmat - Paradise City, GUM Program


Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia - Wrythe, GUM Program

Swivianflag.jpg Unitary State of Swivia - Brission, GUM Program

Flag of Naveria (Evolution).svg Commonwealth of Naveria - Orbly, GUM Program

Name Leader Flag Emblem Picture Population
Regions With Limited Information
Most Serene Republic of Greater Tolowa Sakom, Drew Tolowa Flag.png Flavian Nerva.png 20191022 104328.jpg 3
State of Kecoughtan Sakom, James C Kecoughtan Flag.png Kecoughtan COA.jpg Kecoughtan Picture.jpg 1
State of Tanesia Sakom, Zanti Tanesia Flag.png Tanesia COA.png Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 10.45.46 AM.png 1
Antonian Empire Sakom, Anthony N/A 4
Kingdom of The Carey Islands Sakom, Jamie Carey Islands Flag.png Misberia Dump 300.png N/A 4
State of Astrolatia Sakom, Max Baez Astrolatia Flag.jpg Astrolatia Picture.jpg 1
Duchy of New Caloudonoum Sakom, Archie Birch Caloudononum Flag.png Sunwick.png N/A
Third Zuhan Empire Zuhan2.png Zuhan Coat of Arms.png
Aenderia AendereseFlag.png Misberia Dump 300.png
Kingdom of Southern Star Sakom, Luis Marcel Provisional flag of the Kingdom of the Southern Star.png Provisional CoA of the Kingdom of the Southern Star.png