Administrative Court of Huai Siao

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Administrative court
ตราศาลปกครอง(Huai Siao).png
Address Flag Huai siao.png
Empire of Huai Siao Mueang District capital
Agency overview
Formed 14 April 2021
Jurisdiction Flag Huai siao.pngEmpire of Huai Siao
Executive Vacancy(President of the Supreme Administrative Court)
Under agency Administrative Court of First Level
Supreme Administrative Court
Website Official website

Administrative court(Thai:ศาลปกครอง)It has the same status as the Court of Justice and has the power to consider and judge "administrative cases", which are disputes between government agencies. Government agencies, state enterprises, or local government agencies Or government officials and private individuals in one case And disputes between state agencies or state officials together in another case in order to protect the rights and liberties of the people and to establish correct norms in the conduct of government services.


Administrative courts are divided into "The First Administrative Court" and "The Supreme Administrative Court"
Administrative Court of First Level:

  • Central Administrative Court There are jurisdictions throughout the capital area.
  • Provincial Administrative Court.

Supreme Administrative Court:
Has the power to decide cases filed directly with the Supreme Administrative Court Or an appeal case, a judgment or an order of the administrative court.

List of the President of the Supreme Administrative Court

      Appointed by the Senate
      Appointed by the Emperor
image Name Term of office Reign
ตราศาลปกครอง(Huai Siao).png
Emperor Pao