Administrative divisions of Ruthenia

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Flag of the Kingdom of Ruthenia. Used just in national events, usually called as "Court Flag".

Actually, Ruthenia is comprised of separate pieces of land, just one of them contiguous. Most of the Kingdom is north and only a small exclave is south, but the whole kingdom is governed directly by the King, without intermediaries, through a centralized government.

To the north, we can find the Land of St. Stephen, which is the largest territory and which is the capital, the Land of St. Peter and St. Paul, the only contiguous territories of the kingdom, but in practice treated as just one, the Autonomous Region of Alto da Solidão, which is the capital itself and the Royal District of the Winter Residence, which is where the King exercises absolute power with greater intensity than in the rest of the kingdom, since it is basically their own house of His Majesty.

On 21 December 2014, after talks between the two governments, the Kingdom of Santa Cruz, a Brazilian micronation of the Lusophone sector founded in 20 January 2013, signed on the same day that the treaty of mutual recognition, an Act of Union making Santa Cruz one Duchy Palatine belonging to the Kingdom of Ruthenia.

Administrative structure of the Kingdom of Ruthenia.

As a real request to the General Assembly on 23 December 2014 should approve the creation of the Grand Duchy of Escandia which encompassed two houses in the then city of São Paulo, Brazil, and a house in the city of Campinas, Brazil. Silent, the king created the Grand Duchy using its prerogatives only. In the same act, the "Exclave South" has been extinguished, making the royal residence "Royal District" and the region served by the formation of the Grand Duchy.

Few days after that, the Parliamentary Republic of Caledonia was merged to the Kingdom as the Grand Duchy of Grevenia and Caledonia, located in North Carolina, the United States and the former Kingdom of Louisiana, located in the state ou Louisiana, United States, was absorbed by Ruthenia a few days later, becoming the Grand Duchy of Columba Pictorum.

Plans are at an advanced stage of completion to expand the kingdom in at least in one area (an apartment) until February 2015.

Territories of the Kingdom

Civil Flag Coat of Arms Name Provinces Population Governor Notes
11000113 926367667403841 642401032 o.jpg
St. Stephen.png
Principality of St. Stephen
* Region of Alto da Solidão
Oscar I
King of Ruthenia
11029859 926367900737151 2128078475 o.jpg
St. Peter & St. Paul.png
Duchy of St. Peter and St. Paul
Oscar I
King of Ruthenia
11035227 926368287403779 336212727 o.jpg
Duchy of Persenburg-Götzödorf
* Persenburg-Götzödorf
Oscar I
King of Ruthenia
It was know as "Royal District" until 22 March 2015.
11002199 926368210737120 49255121 o.jpg
Grand Duchy of Escandia
* Autonomous District of Carnolitz
Oscar I
King of Ruthenia
Duchy of Libertia
* Province of Grancasa
* Province of Arpuro
* La Hire Colony
D. Guilherme da Lomellina
Duke of Libertia and Savage Islands
Annexed in 1 February 2015.
Flag of Savage.png
Coat of Savage.png
Grand Duchy of Savage Islands
* Lesser-Savage Province
* Great-Savage Province
D. Guilherme da Lomellina
Duke of Libertia and Savage Islands
Annexed in 23 February 2015 and returned to Portugal in 19 June 2015.
Officially abolished in 19 June 2015.
Grand Duchy of Gaussland New.png
Grand Duchy of Gaussland
Oscar I
King of Ruthenia
Annexed in 30 June 2015.
Civil flag of Bessabia.png
Kingdom of Bessabia
Filipe Machado
Minister-President of Bessabia
Annexed on 29 August 2015. Dissolved on 7 October 2015.
Civil flag of Acrin.png
Acri CoA.png
Kingdom of Acrin
Oscar I
King of Ruthenia
Annexed on 15 December 2015.

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