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Adamstown, Braveland

Adamstown is the capital of Braveland, a micronation in Michigan. It was the site of the first battle in Braveland, Battle of the Shed, also known as the Sagan-Bravelandic War. It holds The Capital House, the house where the presidential family sleeps, a Battle of the Shed Memorial Site, and the headquarters of the Bravelandic Farming Company.

Nickels Park

Nickels Park is a small park located to the east of The House. It is where children visitors play.

George Adam Park

The largest future park in the land, it is one of the only projects in Braveland. It is in the old site of the 1851 Historical Barn[citation needed].

Perry Farm

This is the property where Jack and his family live. It is also where the Battle of the Shed took place in 2015 and where the Perry Farm Invasion took place in 2018.


The Bravelandic Farming Company have farms in Adamstown. They farm sugar beets, corn and wheat. The presidential family farms corn, peas, pumpkins, squash, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables. Pumpkins and eggs are the main source of economy. The chicken coop has 27 chickens who give the family fresh eggs in the morning and sell 12 dozen eggs for $3.25.