Acts of Government in the Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest

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Acts of Government in the Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest take three forms, one being Parliamentary Acts, of which none have yet been legislated; one being judicial rulings, of which none have been ruled, and the final being Royal Decrees, which are known as Royal Acts unless relating to external affairs. Parliamentary and royal Acts always take preference over judicial rulings, whilst all are bound by the Constitution.


This list is not comprehensive

  • Government Foundation Act 2014 – An Act to Establish the Kingdom of Falcar (Constitution).
  • Untitled Constitutional Amendment 2015 – Created regulation and validity for the concept of occupied but unowned (rented) land.
  • Monetary Authority Act 2016 – Establishment of the Central Bank, regulated and standardised monetary system.
  • Flora Act 2016 – Establishment of the Botanical Organisation and criminalised plant importation/exploitation.
  • Linguistic Act 2016 – Establishment of the Linguistic Society to create and regulate a unique national language.
  • Intramicronational Trade Act 2016 – Standardised Metric; Gregorian calendar; Unicode. Regulated valuables and animal trade.
  • Falcarian Symbolism Act 2016 – Regulates flags; coat of arms; monarchical symbols; timezone; language.
  • Citizen and Immigration Act 2016 – Regulates citizenship terms, applications and prohibits residency.
  • Child Protection Act 2016 – Establishment of the Youth Court; Age of Criminal Responsibility, Child protections from court.
  • Text-Audio-Visual Copyright and Conservation Act 2017 – Establishment of the National Library, regulation of copyright, media classification and refusal.
  • Assembly Act 2017 – Established and created a framework for a representative legislative body (parliament) and eligibility for that body.
  • Proclamation Act 2017 – Relinquished territories of Kanin and The Kanes, annexed the territory of Arbonia.
  • Swan Act 2017 – Established a judicial system, policing body, regulated judiciary and method of executing legal proceedings. (online)
  • Shield Act 2018 – Redesign and standardisation of territorial emblems
  • Paxland-Falcar Agreement 2018 – Mutual recognition and non-aggression pact (Alliance)
  • Marriage Act 2018 – Regulated religious and state marriage services which take place within Falcar
  • Assembly Act 2019 – Act finalising details superseding the Assembly Act 2017

Gymnasium-Falcar Agreement 2019 - Mutual recognition and non-aggression pact (Alliance)

War Prevention Act 2020 – Criminalises irresponsible actions of war and possession of firearms by soldiers for warfare