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Orbital period 522.743 days
Average orbital speed 37.51 km/s
Neighbouring planets Leidandon
Satellites 1 (Moon)
System Heliox (star)
Physical characteristics
Circumference 71,216.27 km
Sidereal rotation period 27h 62m 43.5s
Surface temperature Min -103 °C
Mean 19 °C
Max 76 °C

Actros is a fictitious planet created in early 2009 that is the home of the romanticised GDR and several other non-existent nations. Initially created as a story of a powerful GDR, it eventually evolved into a broader concept of a major planet some 1.2 billion years older than Earth and with a more advanced civilisation. While little is known about the planet's geography, the planet is comprised of four oceans and one supercontinent which divides the northern ocean from the southern oceans. Since the end of the GDR, the fate of Actros is unknown. In a way there are similarities between Actros and the fictitious planet of Micras.

Differences between Actros and Earth

  • Days are just under 28 hours long, with just under 523 days making one year.
  • Time is based somewhat on the number 8 (64 seconds in a minute, 64 minutes in an hour, 32 days (average) in a month, 16 months in a year)
  • Actrosians are around 2.1 metres tall and live to around 120 years (remembering the length of an Actrosian year)
  • The planet's circumference is over 71,000 km, whereas Earth's is just over 40,000 km.
  • Actros is capable of lower minimum temperature and higher maximums than Earth.
  • Actros orbits its star at 37.51 km/s, almost 8 km/s faster than Earth.


Andersonia was said to have been primarily based on Actros, and as the nation was almost completely internet-based this may have been the case. Formed as a kingdom somewhere between the years 887-890 (AD 7-10), Andersonia was told off as a nation who had originally grown from a group of small towns to the dominant superpower over the course of 2000 years. Originally in union with up to five nations over the course of its history, Andersonia was thrown into revolution in 2866 (AD 1986), ending one of the planet's longest continuous monarchies and forming the GDR two years later.

Andersonia had been a world power since the 1900s before finally becoming the dominant military power in the 2500s and economic power in the 2700s. Andersonia fought in several major conflicts, especially within the six Actrosian Wars (2479-2491, 2536-2544, 2751-2767, 2897-2903, 2916-2930 and 2942-2947), the Fifth and Sixth almost destroying Andersonia and also shaking its influence in the world. The years after the Fifth Actrosian War saw many of Andersonia's alliances unravel, leading to the Sixth Actrosian War which despite almost exhausting Andersonia was won, however it saw the end of Andersonia's dominance over the planet. Since the real GDR's dissolution in November 2010 it is thought that Actrosian Andersonia had undergone major reforms and that the GDR government had ended in the early 2950s.

In popular culture

  • Actros is present in the computer game Spore