Acadia (Petorio)

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Flag of Acadia.png
Languages spoken English, Spanish
Date founded February 10, 2008
Population 66,000
Demonym Acadian
Governor Daniel Hammond

Acadia Province is the second newest province of the Republic of Petorio. It was acquired from the former nation of West Acadia, a micronation that Petorio was having conflict with for about two weeks in early 2009. Eventually, the leader Gerald Armstrong decided to give up all the land in West Acadia (except his house) on February 10, 2009. It holds many forests, some rural land and a zoo.

Acadia is one of the less important provinces in Petorio. Not much has been done in and with Acadia. Acadia is currently the 3rd populous province in the Republic of Petorio behind Nandor and Beachfront.


Acadia is bordered by Canada to the north and west, Beachfront to the east and a lake to the south. Acadia is flat in most areas.