Academy of the Balkan Dads

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Academy of the Balkan Dads
Academia Taților Balcanici (ATB)
Motto: ”A Balkan dad always finds a solution.”
Un tată balcanic găsește mereu o soluție.
Established 5 May 2022
Type National Academy, Learned Society
Protecteur Constanța of FBU
President Trubadurul
General information
Location Naoi, FBU
Colors   Yellow

The Academy of the Balkan Dads was established in 2022 as a result of a series of jokes between Mibu and Andrei regarding their dads behavior. This ”academy” brings together all individuals who exhibit Balkan dad-like behavior and aims to popularize the term ”Balkan dad” and carry forward this weighty and honorable legacy. However, its founders particularly emphasize the tradition of making jokes and memes about Balkan dads.

What is a "Balkan dad"?

It is a phenomenon, one could even say it's a state of mind, in which the person being referred to believes they know everything and nothing at the same time. They are stubborn and unwilling to accept help from others because they believe they know best. They also possess a fragile ego and tend to respond negatively to any feedback received from those around them.

”A Balkan dad always finds a solution.”

— quote of Andrei used as a motto of the Academy

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Academy of the Balkan Dads consists of the President of the Academy, the General Assembly, and the Academy's Sections.


The President of the Academy represents and coordinates the current activities of the institution. They are elected for a term of 2 years by the General Assembly.

The position of President of this ”esteemed cultural institution” was unanimously awarded to the Trubadurul due to his multifaceted development, multiple abilities, and talent in handling wire, one of the ancient pursuits of Balkan dads.

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all members of the Academy, and it is convened by the President whenever necessary. Its role is to establish the guidelines for the overall activities of the Academy.


Under the current structure of the Academy, there are two sections:

  • Linguistics - serves as a hub for linguistic research, academic study, and the exploration of the fundamental properties and complexities of languages.
  • Heraldry - provides consultation services to create or validate coats of arms.


The Academy of Balkan Dads does not have a fixed number of members, but they can be categorized as:

  • Balkan dads (full members)
  • aspiring Balkan dads (corresponding members/candidates)
  • honorary Balkan dads (honorary members)

Membership in this cultural institution is for life, and members are selected from the corresponding members through an interdisciplinary evaluation conducted by a committee to establish the authenticity of their ”Balkan dad” behavior.


The Academy of Balkan Dads presents awards to all individuals who have contributed to the development and refinement of the concept of the ”Balkan dad” and have continued the ancestral tradition. The award ceremony takes place during a solemn session of the academy.

The ”Wire of the Millennium” award is a golden wire twisted in the shape of a heart (Andrei's idea) and is given for the mastery and development of wire-handling techniques, which are considered one of the sacred mysteries of Balkan dads.