Abodian mandate of the Supreme Benevolent Sun-lord

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The Abodian Mandate of the Supreme Benevolent Sun-Lord is divided into three parts. 1.The Accepting 2.The Honoring 3.The Most Divine responsibilities.

The Accepting Deals with The Supreme Master accepting Himself and his family as divinely appointed, and further details the line of succession. The Honoring Deals with how the citizens and the services will honor the Supreme Master and his Family. The Most Divine Responsibilities details how the Supreme Master is fully responsible for the affairs of the nation, both internal and external, and must be held to that by each an every citizen.


On this Fine Humid Day, I, Master of the Benevolent Sunrays, Brotherly Leader Obis I, Establish the Abode of heaven, Upheld By this Mandate and the Glory of our Supreme Celestial Master in the Sky, Establish myself and my family as Sons of the Divine and the Divinity who have the Creator-Given Right to rule over our fine land, in accordance with the will of the ever-admiring, ever-grateful people, So Help Me, Grand Celestial One! Help Me, Most Divine Creator! Aid my family to rule well, O ye who rises in the East and sets in the West, Bestow upon us your caring tender hand.

The Accepting

I accept Myself...

I accept myself and My family As divinly appointed, sons of the glorious disc, My He shine Peace upon us. And May he Gift me and My family with eternal knowledge and power.

I accept all that this tablet entails, and all gifts that the divine showers our prosperous nation with.

I accept the will of the people, and My responsibility to share the knowledge and wealth that you have bestowed upon me.

The Line of Succession

May those who deserve the throne get first priority, May the Most wise rule. Upon the passing or removal otherwise of a Brotherly Leader such as I, May His First-Born get top priority. and if there happens to be Female as the oldest, Let it be. But let no Female have second Pick If this Female is Invalid. and a Monarch shall be invalid if he has Disrespected you, great Celestial Master, or Disobeyed Your Teachings, Most Venerable one in Heaven. and Bless us all with the knowledge of your Teaching, ye, Luminous Illustrious one.

And if The Brotherly Leader has bore no Children, Then May we scour his Nephews, Never Nieces. And If There is A Living Nephew Who Has Not Disobeyed You, Noble Light who rises in the East and sets in the West, Then May he be Regent.

And If there is no Such Nephew, Then We Must look Further. Look to the Second Nephews, Product of The Passed one's Great Grandfather.

And Let it be.

The Honoring

In the Schools

May every Child who is taught under thy grasp, Illuminous one, Learn of My glory that you, Most Generous decorated one, hast bestowed upon me. If if there is a teacher that slips from thy most holy caring grasp, then may she be educated. May every Child Know Me, and Know this mandate, and know the Power of the Most Heavenly one who traverses the sky with the force of a million chariots.

In the Workplace

May Every Workplace know me, and position me above them, and hang my image atop every door.This way, Lord, they will know me.


And May anyone who disrespects me, and thy glorious visage, oh luminous manifestation of the creator, be slain, and anyone who thinks evil of you be smited, turned to pitiful shreds, and pass into the claws of darkness.

The Responsibilities

I Must Provide Advice to the People, And Be Held responsible For that Advice. I Must Provide Infrastructure to the People, And Be held responsible for that Infrastructure. I Must Provide Education to the People, And Be Held responsible for that Education. I Must Provide Food, Water, And Nutrition to the People, And Be Held responsible for that Food, Water, and Nutrition. I Must provide assured Safety to the People, And Be Held Responsible for that Safety.