Aaron Penyami

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Aaron Penyami
Aaron, Zuiden-Zemlya 2018
1st President of Pejaten
Assumed office
April 2019
Predecessor Position Established
1st general leader of the Stradan Democratic Party
In office
17th July 2018 - 31 August 2018
Predecessor Jonathan Gaellray
Successor Position Abolished
Prime Minister of Ruslandia
In office
2nd August 2018 -2018
Predecessor Vito (as the prime minister of the People's Republic of Ruslandia
1st President of the United Southeast Asian States
Personal information
Born 5th March
Nationality Indonesia
Political party Stradan Democratic Party
Democratic Union (2018-2019)
Religion Christianity

Aaron Penyami is a stradan politician who serves as the incumbent President of the Republic of Pejaten and the founder of Stradan Micronationalism. He's also serving as the leader of the SDP and the Prime Minister of Ruslandia

In Indonesia, he's known for being the son of a famous rap artist. He's known to the public for his songs Fun in school It's a dad thing, It's a dad thing 2, and Plastik, Although he wishes for his rap career to be ignored by the public.

Early life and Career

Aaron Penyami was born in the 5th of March in the Brawijaya Hospital in South Jakarta and is of Poso, Manado, Javanese, and Dutch descent. He is the eldest of his two siblings and is the only son. From a young age, he started entering the rap world through his father, he has made 9 songs. He takes a hobby of drawing, conlanging, biking, and film making.

He started having an interest in geography from the age of 7 through the interest of National anthems. Later, he took an interest in history, politics, countries, and the whole of geography itself. He also takes an interest on video editing, he has made a youtube channel for himself creating memes, anthem videos, trolls, and commentary videos. He has an interest on linguistics and has made countless amounts of conlangs.


He has made some organizations with very territorial policies. He was a member of the Awesome nation, the savagers, the fireflies, BBAB, and GtIndo. These organizations are basically friend groups. 4 of the groups were the same members, while the last was the change. In early 2018, returning from the United States, he was given an invite by Jonathan Gaellray for membership in Sapu Lidi. It was the successor of GtIndo, although they claimed they broke away from BBPN, BBAB's successor.

Sapu Lidi, was a gaming clan and a friend group. it evolved to be a para-military organization or microcommunity of some sort. Describing what SL was as an organization is impossible. At the time, SL was very territorial and has fought conflicts against BBAB and BBPN, an organization than claims to contribute on 'world peace' and geography. 6C, a class in strada (fought through 6D), and BFF Spamz, a spam instagram account of a friend group now tik tok artists. It had made alliances with BBPN, WHL/HL, and some other.

Politcal and Micronational career

Back in 2016/2017, he made some micronational projects which were drafted. The micronation was named belansia, it was religious and still nationalistic/unionistic towards Indonesia, it was against moving objects without permission, and was very closed to the public at the time. Although it was dissolved, there was no official dissolution of Belansia.

Aaron Penyami started stradan micronationalism in March 7 of 2018. When he was a member of SL, he had plans for SL's territorial behavior. He made plans for a micronation for SL which was the United Indonesian States of SL. The founding was a big impact on the micronational history of the world. At the time, it was still closed to the public but open to some stradans. It wasn't officially rejected by SL, Aaron never got the chance to submit the work.

Later, he founded other micronations for other geography enthusiasts, mainly members of BBPN. The foundings caused the revolution of the rise of Stradan Micronationalism. He renewed the UISSL into the United Indonesian States which was renamed the United Southeast Asian States. He'd usually serves as the substitute for the entire government and millitary since no one wanted to do the job that much at the time.

In August, he was a member of the PCftRP or PCRP to form the Republic of Pejaten. Since then, he's taken micronationalism more seriously along with other micronationalists. He's the political figure representing the entirety of Stradan Micronationalism. All stradan micronationalists are usually depending on him when they're in Pejaten (excepting ruslandians and adiwiyatans in their respected micronations), he wishes all to be more independent and know their work.

He gave a rest on micronationalism in March and April (although stradan micronationalism still active at the time) to focus on the indonesian national exams. He gave his position to canrian president, Arda. After returning, he has been depended on more as a leader.

Aaron Penyami wishes to enter Indonesian Politics when he's old enough to. He has said of joining the Indonesian Solidarity Party and run in elections for parliament in 2029. Although he still wants to preserve Stradan Micronationalism. He has promised to strive for rights for more communities, better school systems, internet freedom and privacy, pressuring consequences for corruption, abolishing unnecessary censorship, and other policies.