Aaron Green

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President Aaron MB. Green
President of the Aarianian Union of North America
Assumed office
21 May 2016
Predecessor Post Created
Co-Baron of the Province of Aldonia
Assumed office
20 February 2018
King of the Aarianian Empire/Kingdom of Aariania/ASAT
In office
19 February 2011 - 21 May 2016
Personal information
Born 22 March 2003 (2003-03-22) (age 16)
North Carolina, USA
Birth name Aaron M. Green
Citizenship Aarianian
Nationality American
Political party Egalitarian Party
Religion non-religious

Aaron Green (born 22 March 2003) is an Aarianian politician and the current President of the Aarianian Union of North America. He assumed office on 21 May 2016.

Early life and career

Aaron Green was born in North Carolina, USA, where he has been born and raised. He moved 3 times within his city

Around the age of 8, Green was a disobedient child and wanted to lead his own country. He then declared himself the King of the Aarianian Empire as he conquered a hypothetical planet, Aariania. As Green matured, Aarianian Empire then began accepting more people, which eventually lead to the planet's split into the Aarianian Empire, Sensaverm Empire, and the Shadrill Empire. After an anti-climatic cold war, the Sensaverm Empire surrendered to the increasingly democratizing Aarianian Empire. The planet was reunited when the Shadrill Empire decided to merge with the Aarianian Empire, and created the Kingdom of Aariania on October 25, 2012. The Kingdom of Aariania went through a long period of dormancy, until it started becoming more popular on Earth. Eventually, Green and his close associates moved Aariania to Earth as the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories (ASAT) on April 12, 2016. A month later, the citizens of Aariania, including Aaron Green, had grown out of the selfish mindset, and decided to focus more on the people and a strong value. On May 21, 2016, Aariania became a provisional constitutional monarchy and declared independence in the pursuit of diversity. Green has been the head of Aariania since then.

Aarianian politics

Green is known for being a very centrist politician. Green is a strong supporter of natural equality and diversity, and a strong pro-gun proponent. Green founded the 2nd political party in Aariania, the Independent Party of Aariania (IPA) which was made to combat the 1st party, the [late] Communist Party of Aariania (CPA). The IPA lasted over a year before transitioning to the Egalitarian Party of Aariania (EPA), which focused on expanding Aarianian influence, spreading diversity, and preserving cultures.

Personal life

Aaron Green currently resides in the Aarianian capital, Yapton, Aldonia, which was part of North Carolina beforehand. He is an active fan of NASCAR and NFL, both of which are very popular in the Southern United States, where Green has taken pride in being from.


  • Honorary Citizen of Posaf