A Different Machine

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A Different Machine
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
RecordedDecember 2010, 'British' Taigh a Bata
GenreSynthpop, Minimalism
ProducerScott Harwood

A Different Machine is the ninth studio album by Scott Harwood. Owing to a lack of editing technology, it is a cancelled album.


The album was the first to be made in 'British' Taigh a Bata.


'A Different Machine' is a synthpop track that is 14 minutes long. The title refers to the Yamaha PSR-350 keyboard responsible for the leads and drums. 'Remembering the Basement' is a minimalist piece made in the style of Harwood's father. The track brings in the second phase of Harwood's minimalism. A cover of the Kraftwerk song 'Mitternacht' was due to be included on the album, but this will not happen.

Track listing

  1. A Different Machine
  2. Remembering the Basement (08:18)


  • Yamaha PSR-350
  • Korg Kaossilator
  • Zoom effects machine