A6 Revolution (Rockland)

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A6 Revolution
Date 6th August 2012
Location Rockland
Result Anti-Socialist Victory, formation of the Kingdom of Rockland.
25px Rok Anti-Socialist Movement
Supported by:
Knoll flag 1.png Federal Empire of Knoll Island
Flag123.jpg Kingdom of Pavlov
Rok.jpg Independent Socialist State of Rok
25px Leon Simpson
Flag123.jpg Deniz I of Pavlov & Rockland
Knoll flag 1.png Thomas I
Rok.jpg No official commander
27 1
Injuries and losses
0 0

The A6 Revolution, which took it's name from the date it started (August 6th 2012) was a Anti-Socialist Revolution in the Independent Socialist State of Rok which resulted in a victory for the rebels and the dissolution of Rok and subsequent founding of the Kingdom of Rockland. The Victory is considered a great achievement for the citizens of the Kingdom of Rockland and August 6th is National Independence Day in Rockland.

The Revolution started when growing tensions boiled over against the Theodorist regime, resulting in protests throughout the nation. The Pressure was to great for the regime who abdicated and made Rok defunct on the condition they could be citizens in the Kingdom of Rockland. This offer was accepted by Rebel leader, Leon Simpson.

Throughout the revolution, the rebels received diplomatic aid from the Kingdom of Pavlov and the Federal Empire of Knoll Island. Both states voiced there disapproval of the Theodorist regime repeatedly during the revolution.