A1 Geographic Society

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A1 Geographic Society

Type: Independent Non-Profit Organisation
Founded 2 April 2011
Founder: Sally Brown
Headquarters: Republic of Acacia
Website: Official Website

The A1 Geographic Society, often abbreviated to A1GS, is a voluntary and non-profit geographic and educational society based in the FRA1.


The society's mission is "...advancing geographical science and promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Geography and related topics". To this end, the society conducts expeditions, bestows awards and conducts various projects.

Membership of the society is voluntary and free.


The A1GS was founded in April 2011 by Sally Brown. To date, one project has been commissioned and two expeditions conducted, with more planned for the future.


Expeditions are an important part of the society's work. They allow society members to explore 'in the field' and gather useful observations and data from selected areas. Follow up expeditions allow members to compare data from (a) previous expedition(s) and analyse them.

April 2011 Alpine Expedition

The society's first expedition and major project was an expedition, lead by Sally Brown and then Prime Minister Mars McTavish, to the Victorian Alps in Northern Victoria (Australia), based in the township of Bright. The expedition yielded some important data, such as the discovery of a large native duck population not previously known about. The expedition lasted for five days.

September 2011 Alpine Expedition

A second expedition to the area was held from the 16th to the 23rd September 2011 to both collect new data and to compare data against that collected in the previous expedition to the area. The expedition uncovered much new data, which is due to be released before the end of 2011.

December 2011 Indonesian Expedition

An expedition to the Republic of Lichthalzen and surrounding areas was organised in August 2011 for December of the same year. Premiers Donald Sunderland and Mars McTavish travelled from Australia, while other Lichthalzenites also took part in the expedition, which was mainly around Central Java in Indonesia. Places visited included Denpasar, Jakarta and Surakarta (Solo).


To date, only one award has been established by the society - the 'Livingstone Award'. It is awarded for "outstanding contributions to the discipline of geography" and "furthering geography and its studies to a great extent". It has not been bestowed upon anyone or anything to date.

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