Asher Young

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Asher Young
Prime Minister of Herzetia
Assumed office
3 February 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Chief Justice of the Micronational Assembly
Assumed office
2 February 2021
Preceded byDiameter Chase (Extralegally)
Interior Minister of Faltree
Assumed office
28 April 2021
Preceded byJacob Deceuninck
Premier of the Aleunnic Workers' Republic
Assumed office
31 January 2021
Personal details
Political partyAleunnic Workers' Party
Other political

Asher Young is a micronational politician, soldier, and justice currently active in multiple micronations. He is most known for being the former Prime Minister of the State of Herzetia, and, in addition, is the premier of the Aleunnic Workers' Republic. A.Y holds political positions in many micronations, being: Faltree's Interior Minister, head of the Faltrian Workers' Party, commander of the 1st Faltrian Infantry Regiment, member of the senate of Saspearian, and mayor of Nolius. A.Y previously served in the legislatures of the Duchy of Pontunia, the Dominion of British North America, the Co-operative Republic of Wendatia, Federal Union of Wegmat, Kingdom of Nortenland, and the Empire of Kapreburg. A.Y also serves as the delegate for Nolius (and by extension, the Constitutional Republic of Columbia) in the Micronational Assembly, as well as the organization's chief justice. He served as the Acting Chairman of the MA from 3 March 2021 to 6 March 2021, following the disbursement of the Council.