9 Federation

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Peoples Grand 9 Federation Republic

O Our Foederatio (Latin: Oh,our grand federation)
Russian Empire Anthem
Capital city Somcow
Largest city GrKhan
Official language(s) English,French,Russian,Spanish
Official religion(s) N/A
Short name Grand 9 federation/9 Federation
Demonym Somcowian,gullic,Pureian,Russian
Government Democratic Socialist/congrese socialistic
Legislature Congress
Established 2017
Population 46 (as of 2018 census)
Currency Tlin
Time zone (EST)
National sport Chess boxing
National animal Cat

The People's Grand 9 Federation Republic is a micronation founded on November 30th - December 1, 2017, located in North America. The nation's goal is to attempt to get as many micronations in the United States until almost every square inch is covered in micronations, leading it to collapse and resulting in the recognition of micronations.


What is now the 9 Federation began when the nation's 3 founding fathers made the 9 Clan. Small and weak, it grew trying to become a superpower, merging with other nations such as the Grand Kingdom Of Somcow, North Pure, South Pure, Principality Of Liginehom, People's Republic of Gull, Gullic Empire. They formed the 9 federation and made it the nation it is today.

Government and Politics

The republic has a "Head of Nation", who is elected and serves his whole life. When the head dies, the citizens elect a new Head of Nation.The Prime Minister, similar to a Vice President, is elected every year and can be elected 2 times in a row, and 4 times in general. The minister controls the ministers who run the ministry which contain the departments and the departments run the programs, and operations. The Supreme General, who is the Minister of Defense, Head Of The Department Of Military Action and runs all military operations and runs the Boarder Control Program. Then the Congress is a group of people picked by the VP's and the Head Of Nation. Congress makes laws and can pretty much do whatever they want as long as all the congress members vote on it.

Law and order

The Court is controlled by the judges and 3 congress men and 1 VP. It works the same as the american court except the 1 VP can overrule the judge and the 3 congress men decisions and make it happen all over again, But he can only do that 2 times after the 2 times the congress votes on it , The head of nation can remove anyone controlling the court whenever he wants

Foreign Relations

We are in a formal alliance with 1.Cyntell 3.New Hanoi 4.arpet 5.URAR 6.Misberia 7.Eastern Timberia

We recognize 1.misberia 2.Xuan Phuc 3.GMA members (besides bepistan)

We do not recognize 1.Kingdom Of Bepistan 2.Aenderia Republic 3.Kingdom Of Auvenum

Tony's Era

This era was when the nation just began and there was no prime minister it was just him. he gather friends and formed the nation we know today. He created the justice system and the whole government and politics system. This era ended when he added the role of prime minister which is a vice president like role.

Tony And Charlie's Era

This era is the time when the nation has thrived the most expanding across its boarders and colonizing. company's were made at this time and the economy thrived. Some say this was one of the best eras yet.