6th Kingdom of Matachewan

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The 6th Kingdom of Matachewan was a rebel state that seceded from the 5th Kingdom of Matachewan after the Uprising of April 13. This 'nation' no longer exists and actually merged back into the 5th Kingdom of Matachewan.

6th Kingdom of Matachewan
Flag of the Sixth Kingdom of Matachewan.pngSeal of Matachewan.svg

Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna - God, Honour, Fatherland
"Free Matachewan"
Capital city Matachewan
Largest city Matachewan
Official language(s) English, Polish, Matachewanian, French, Russian, Czech
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Short name Matachewan
Demonym Matachewanian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King Tablecloth Kitten (interregnum)
- King Tablecloth Kitten (interregnum)
- Speaker of the Sejm Vacant
Legislature Sejm
Established April 12th, 2019
Area claimed km²
Population 16 (Official Citizens)
Currency Matachewan Złoty
Time zone EST
National sport Baseball
National animal White Eagle
Patron saint Saint Andrew



The Sixth Kingdom of Matachewan was established by Tableclothkitten after the Third Matachewanian Uprising which brought down the Fifth Kingdom of Matachewan after a number of political incidents. The Kingdom is currently in a transitional state, with Tableclothkitten presiding over its administration while a constitution is written. Elections for the King, Sejm, and High Court will ensue afterwards.

On the 13th of April, 2019, Ágá Sárrajuoksa, the Prime Minister of Groponigën, Chancellor of the Shibean Serene Republic, and the candidate for King of the Sixth Kingdom of Matachewan who was in the process of winning the election by a landslide, declared a rival Republic of Matachewan, which he later reformed into the (Second) Fifth Kingdom of Matachewan, not to be confused with the first 5th Kingdom of Matachewan nor the 7th Kingdom of Matachewan, a meme server operated by pontOS. Tableclothkitten made several proposals to him in his Fifth Kingdom of Matachewan server for a reunification of the two states, which were ignored and ridiculed. Ágá Sárrajuoksa was then banned from the Sixth Kingdom of Matachewan, and will remain so until the situation is resolved. The democratic process is continuing, however, with the election of a king scheduled for Wednesday, the 17th of April, at the latest.