4th Crascian Kingdom

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Preceded By: A4BBA7D4-2858-498C-B8DD-4E849F186805.jpeg Principality Of Crascia

Kingdom Of Crascia (7th November- 10th December)
60C2DE85-00D1-4560-A779-0E3B1FA095B9.jpeg FlagAB1A6763-328D-43C5-88F1-428AC134458E.jpeg Coat Of arms

А Роззжвые Гйтйшжзеч Шоягч (Latin: A Possible Futurised World)
Capital city Slavibaski
Largest city Laidar
Official language(s) Crascian,English,French
Official religion(s) Crascism
Short name Crascia
Demonym Crascian,Crasque
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Parliament
Established 2018
Area claimed Not counted
Population 2
Currency Australian Dollar
Time zone Brisbane
National sport Football (Soccer)
National animal Tiger
Patron saint St. Andrews

The Kingdom Of Crascia is a micronation in Brisbane Australia and it runs a select monarch through the Crascian Royal Family. Crascia is surrounded by other unrecognised micronations not mentioned.

Monarch: King Mòr I (formerly known as Jacques I)

Prime Minister: Gunther Mälkäsdbörg

Crascia Is preferred to be called a project nation with a culture not to harm or fight with its surrounding country However Crascia has recently been at war with its bordering nation Suzania. After the recent events of the civil war Crascia has become neutral until a minor conflict happen so with another bordering nation.

Crascia has an influence on Greek,Italian and French Culture in fact French is recognised as one of the three official languages of Crascia. Crascia was one of the 3 tribes in Westrushelo along with the Savic tribes and the Suzanic Tribes. The Cralasic Tribes (Crascian Tribes) became a Kingdom on the 1st Of June 2018 about a month after Suzania and Savaria became

Crascian Capital City: The Official Crascian Capital is Slavibaski but often rotated depending on the season for instance Slavibaski sits in the lake if Slavibaski really only useful during summer as with Laidar and Lineaure is only useful during winter. Slavibaski is often referred as the summer capital as with Lineaure and Laidar are known as the winter capital.

Politics in Crascia: The Current leading group is the CMPP which allows the citizens to elect a prime minister to take care of the military side of the country.The country up until recently was absolute monarchy but now it has changed to constitutional monarchy.

Former Leader is The Socialist State Of Crascia Party, this group had rule over the country for only 2 days 28th July-30th July. On the 30th Of July the CMPP party took over and gained independence from the socialists this day is recognised as Crascia Independence Day. The government The SSOC works on the industrial factors of the country nowadays.

The Fascist Party played a big role in the civil war being aligned with the monarchs. The party had rule during the war and today works a alongside the CMPP.

Crascian Civil War: The Crascian Civil War took place on the 2nd of September 2018. The reason for the war was bordering nation Suzania surprise attacked Crascia and annexed all Of Crascia. Crascian rebels immediately started to pop up. There was the Monarchy Rebels and the Fascist Rebels. The Fascists immediately came to power with a victory annexing Crascia and Suzania. Suzanian rebels started rolling in and after a while eventually took over again. The Facscist Crascians came straight back into power and the two nations decided to sign a piece treaty marking the end of the war. The Fascist government in Crascia converted itself back to monarchy straight after.

This is the Fascist State Flag used when Crascia was Fascist during the civil war:

C54A8C43-9147-4739-8B45-9D2FDA8F8B73.jpeg This Flag is still used as the Fascist emblem of the Fascist party.

Socialism in Crascia: After the collapse of the 2nd Crascian Kingdom Socialism was the government from the 28th Of July to 30th Of July. The name of the Socialist State Was Socialist State Of Crascia (SSOC).

Flag Of The SSOC:

AFCC290B-7253-4D7C-8DDE-B814B177BBC8.jpeg This Flag is still used as the flag for the SSOC Party.

1st Kingdom: The 1st Kingdom was the Kingdom Of Crascia from 1st of June to 1st of July after that kingdom collapsed the country was nothing for a day until a second Kingdom was established.

Common Languages: Savarian, Old Crascian

Flag Of The First Kingdom:

A7DDC5B8-6CDB-479D-92A7-15E151ECDC3D.jpeg The Flag Of The First Kingdom is still used today as the nation flag of South Crascia.

2nd Kingdom: The 2nd Kingdom Of Crascia was the Kingdom Of Crascia from 2nd Of July to 28th Of July. The 2nd Kingdom came in when the first Kingdom collapsed a deal was signed to unite with Savica but Savica parted away not long after. The Kingdom collapsed after the socialist uprising occurred. Common Languages: Old Crascian

Flag Of The Second Kingdom:

A6160A8A-8781-4E4E-948F-2BC486EBD339.jpeg The Flag Of The Second Kingdom is still used today as the Crascian Battle Flag and The Jack Flag for its navy.

3rd Kingdom: The 3rd Kingdom is the longest lasting Crascian Kingdom. Crascia was known as the 3rd Kingdom from the 30th July 20th Of October when Crascia became a principality. Languages: Middle Crascian, Crascian, English, French,

Flag Of The 3rd Kingdom:


The 1st Principality: The 1st Principality is the 4th longest lasting rule over Crascia. It became of this on The 20th Of October 2018 after the 3rd Kingdom decided to change there government.

Founded 20th Of October Collapse 7th Of November 2018 Official Languages: Crascian,English ,French

Flag Of The 1st Principality:


4th Kingdom: The 4th kingdom Of Crascia is the current kingdom,it was decided that the principality would change back to a kingdom on the 7th Of November 2018. Official Languages: Crascian, English, French

Flag Of The 4th Kingdom:


New Flag Of The 4th Kingdom:


Location: BE3E405F-45B2-4C0B-A115-1A0E6C7386B9.jpeg Brisbane Australia

Founded 30th July 2018 Original Kingdom Founded in 1st June 2018 National Crascian Day Is 30th July

Countries And Micronations That Are Recognised By Crascia Formally:


*Sycamore kingdom.jpg Kingdom of Sycamore
*Confederation of Flevelt

Crascia Does Not Recognise

  • Islamic State