4th Crascian Kingdom

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Preceded By: A4BBA7D4-2858-498C-B8DD-4E849F186805.jpeg Principality Of Crascia

Succeeded By: F64A8F5B-1D3E-48EC-AE05-27D8AE9279A0.jpeg 1st Empire Of Crascia

Kingdom Of Crascia (7th November 2018 - 8th February 2019)
60C2DE85-00D1-4560-A779-0E3B1FA095B9.jpeg FlagAB1A6763-328D-43C5-88F1-428AC134458E.jpeg Coat Of arms

А Роззжвые Гйтйшжзеч Шоягч (Latin: A Possible Futurised World)
Capital citySlavibaski
Largest cityLaidar
Official language(s)Crascian,English,French
Official religion(s)Crascism
Short nameCrascia
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Area claimedNot counted
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Time zoneBrisbane

The Kingdom Of Crascia was a micronation in Australia that ran a select monarch through the Crascian Royal Family.

History: On the 7th Of November 2018 the Principality Of Crascia was disestablished and brought back as the 4th Crascian Kingdom. The 4th Kingdom was known for its stability and well structured government. Many improvements to Crascia were made during the time of the 4th Kingdom with new things like , improvement on the country’s internet identity and the hierarchy system to organise the Crascian Government.