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3arabin is a digital country in its current year 0. The boundaries of 3arabin are defined by 3arabin.land as its virtual territory. As 3arabin is a virtual country, people from across the globe can come together online and freely enjoy their experience.


The word “3arabini” is a hybrid between 3arabi (Arabic for the word “Arabic”) and Latini (Arabic for the word “Latin”). The purpose behind our editorial project is raising awareness and introducing an overlooked subculture defined by its diversity. 3arabini is a young culture mainly visible through social media and rapidly expanding in other media (e.g. advertising). There is a debate in the Arab world around a potential threat that 3arabini has upon the Arabic language. We are trying to show that 3arabini is not actually a threat but rather a way to express the outcome of the mix of different cultural influences. In the aim of showing this identity that a lot of Arab youth thrive to express, we want to portray possible visual aspects of this language through text, photographs, videos, animation, etc.


The history of 3arabin started long before it was founded in its year 0 (year 2018 of the Gregorian calendar). It was in the 1990s that technology spread in the Arab world with keyboards that did not support Arabic script. Therefore, people created the Arabic chat language to compensate for the missing script and communicate faster between themselves.


3arabini is a hybrid culture based on the Arabic chat language that combines Latin script and numbers to transcribe Arabic phonetics. 3arabin.land is a virtual country that aims to unite its navigating community in one place. With 3arabini culture we want to preserve our Arabic heritage along with other acquired bits of foreign cultures. In 3arabin.land there is no spoken language, we communicate through text and visuals (e.g. emojis, gifs). As 3arabiniyeen, we have our own calendar that starts at year 0 (Sept. 2018 - Aug. 2019).


3arabin has over 15,000 potential citizens (the real potential number is even much bigger) waiting to be official citizens of 3arabin. One becomes a 3arabini citizen simply by practicing the 3arabini culture. 3arabini citizens become official by entering 3arabin the first time.

Manifesto (Translated)

3arabin is a virtual country. We claim the domain 3arabin.land as our official territory. As 3arabiniyeen we have our own calendar that starts at year 0 (year 2018 of the Gregorian calendar). No one speaks 3arabini, it is only written. 3arabini is based on character encoding from Arabic to Latin script. Emojis and other visuals are highly encouraged while writing 3arabini.

Manifesto (in 3arabini)

F1: Aloooo F2: Ahlein F1: Hana3mel eh fel manifesto? F2: Msh 3arfa F1: Tyb nebda2 bel goal F2: E7na mabda2eyan 3yzinnegama3 kol el 3arabiniyeen fe makan wa7ed 3ashan n-celebrate el identity bta3etna... F1: Away 3ashan high time eno el nas t acknowledge el haweyya bta3etna F2: Bas lazem ne2aked 3ala 7war eno benzawed 3ala el culture msh benbadelha F1: Wala benbadel el culture el 3arabeya wala ay culture agnabeya F2: Bzabt. W eh kaman??? F1: Mayenfa3sh negama3 el nas f makan wa7ed bgd. E7na na3mel kolo online F2: Na3mel domain w nsamih 3arabin.land F1: Eshtaaaa F2: Bas ba2olek eh.. 3yzin na3mel el timeline bta3naaa F1: E7na mesh konna ben2ool nebda2 b year 0? Keda year 0 di emta? F2: Ah sa7i7... Yeb2a year 0 is the year we7na bneshtaghal 3ala ta2sis el balad men September 2018 l7ad man-launch el domain f August w ne-da5al el nas f year 1 F1: Homma mesh haye7tago ay "paper work" el 3arabini 3arabini talama fahem eli bnektebo F2: We7na asln virtual country kida kida F1: Mesh lazem nensa n2aked eno f 3arabin benekteb afrangi bas bne2ra 3arabi.. mafeesh kalam F2: Mafish kalam ezay ya3ni F1: Hahahahahhahhaha F2: Ma7na bnetkalem 3arabi 3ady bas el bnektebo 7rouf Latin F1: Azdi fel country bta3etna mesh 3amatan f 7ayathom mafeesh logha yetkalemooha... di communication bel ketaba bas. F2: chat language F1: Away ba2aaaa chat chat chat F2: Away ba2a w 5 mwah F1: 7oroof arkam sowar gifs emojis w ay 7aga tigi 3al bal F2: W yalla ba2a F1: Kfaya 3aleki keda