39, 41 Bomb Shelter

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39, 41 Bomb Shelter is an air-raid shelter that was built in the United Kingdom during World War II. It is now an important building located in modern-day New Eiffel, where it is one of New Eiffel's national monuments. It is registered as a grade 3 building.

39, 41 Bomb Shelter
General information
AddressNew Eiffel, Plitvice, 002-AD
Current tenantsNo one
Construction stopped1939–1940
OwnerGovernment of New Eiffel
Design and construction
Known forNational monument in New Eiffel
Other information


Clean-up of 39, 41 Bomb Shelter.

39, 41 Bomb Shelter was likely constructed during World War II, possibly in 1939 or 1940, although it could have possibly been earlier then that. It was built in between the fence of two houses to be shared between the two neighbours, and was made tall enough for two small sized bunk beds. It was constructed out of concrete bricks, and currently stands at 6 metres (19.8 ft) tall and stretches 2.0 metres (6.6 ft) beneath the ground. It was likely never used, and up until the 1960s the bricks starting falling apart. After the late 2000s, it became more and more heavily vandalised with graffiti and litter.

Sometime in February 2018, a month after New Eiffel was founded, the bomb shelter was named a national monument, being named the third national monument of New Eiffel after New Finland Monument and New Eiffel School.


On 20 May 2019, the government revealed it had plans to restore and clean up the shelter.

Clean-up of the bomb shelter took place on 12 January 2020, and was primarily done by Janus Smith.[1]



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