2nd era (Copan)

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Labor Omni vintec (Hardwork overcomes all)
The modern day Copanic provinces of Ccentyyrholm, Chasonlond, Krossiglond, and The Lower Woodlands
Capital city Ccentyyrrholm City
Largest city Ccentyyrrholm City
Official language(s) English, Old Cópanic
Official religion(s) Paganism, Christianity
Demonym Cópanic
Government Totalitarian Empire
- Empire Ceboku
- President Ceboku
Legislature The Order of the Seventh Star
- Number of seats - N/A
Established Uncertain
Population Unknown
Currency Tantarasz
Time zone GMT+0
National drink Tea
National animal Tit

The Seccond era began with the crowning of Emperor Ceboku Tur I, this is the point where Copan (then known as Orontonia) began to expand and claim more land.