2nd Principality of Nordika

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2nd Principality of Nordika
Flag of Nordika
Coat of Arms of Nordika
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Verden Underlagt Oss"
(The) World Subject to Us
Official languagesNynorsk, English
GovernmentConstitutional Executive Monarchy
• Sovereign Prince
Christopher Miller
• Riksministerpresident
Isaiah Burdette
• 2020 census
CurrencyNorwegian Krone
Time zoneCEST (UTC+2)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (AM)
Drives on theright
Calling code+47
Internet TLD.nd (proposed)

The Principality of Nordika, officially the Second Principality of Nordika is a nation-project based within Norway from which it wishes to secede. Given it is constitutionally illegal to change the borders of Norway nor is it legal to let Norwegian nobility exist, Nordika's sole purpose is to preserve itself until it can annul its claims to Norwegian territory and move to another place from which it shall seek to secede.


It's name simply derives from the Norwegian word "nord" meaning "north."

Government and Politics

Current Government

Current Government
Riksminister of Foreign Affairs Isaiah B.
Riksminister of Interior Felix E.
Riksminister of Justice Felix E.
Riksminister of Security Xavier J.
Sovereign Prince Christopher I
Riksministerpresident Isaiah B.

Government Form

The official form of government is a Constitutional Executive Monarchy which includes a currently unopened Riksforsambling, State Council, Riksministerpresident (Head of Government) and Sovereign Prince (Head of State).

Government Orders

Government Orders
# What it did Issued by Date issued
I The constitution of the Principality of Nordika is invalid. As such, there is to be written a new one. Chancellor Christopher Miller 23 June 2020
II The colonial claims within the United Kingdom and the United States are to be abandoned and their colonial governors Leo and Bennett are stripped of their citizenship rights. Chancellor Christopher Miller 5 July 2020
III This order establishes the Foreign Advisory Council as an official source of foreign communication, aid, and advise between our department of foreign affairs and our allied states' representatives on behalf of said states. Chancellor Christopher Miller 20 July 2020
IV By the publication of this order, His Royal Highness' Royal Navy is hereby formally dissolved. The rank of Admiral of the Navy is dissolved and all captains thereof deposed. Chancellor Christopher Miller 21 July 2020
V The Principality shall leave the North Sea Empire. Its affairs shall still be recognized by the state but without involvement to or from it. Efforts to secure simple collaborations with the Republic of Rhodron alone, shall be worked on. Chancellor Christopher Miller 26 July 2020
VI The government hereby does recognize the accompanied document [a treaty] between the state and the Grand Duchy of Misberia. Chancellor Christopher Miller 26 July 2020
VII The government hereby ratifies these documents (The Cupertino Alliance Charter and Mission) and will begin applying to the Cupertino Alliance. Riksministerpresident Isaiah Burdette 21 August 2020
VIII The government hereby does recognize the accompanied document (a treaty) between the state and Atiera. Riksministerpresident Isaiah Burdette 22 August 2020
IX Named Alvin Matthews non-grata in Nordika Riksministerpresident Isaiah Burdette 14 October 2020

Foreign relations

Formal Relations

Nations with formal treaties signed
Nation Signed
Flag of Regelis.svg Regelis 1 August 2020
Yu-Xia Republic New Flag.png Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia 10 August 2020
Flag of Humberlea.png Kingdom of Humberlea 19 August 2020
Flag of Roskya.png Kingdom of Roskya 20 August 2020
Atiera flag.svg Kingdom of Atiera 24 August 2020
Matachewanian Grand Flag.png Grand Kingdom of Matachewan 2 September 2020
Flag of Australis.svg Unified Royal States of Australis 29 October 2020
ISSR Flag.jpg People's Republic of Adonia 30 October 2020