2nd Kingdom of Württemberg

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The Kingdom of Württemberg (German: Königreich Württemberg [ˌkøːnɪkʁaɪç ˈvʏɐ̯təmbɛɐ̯k]) was a German state that existed from 1805 to 1918, located within the area that is now Baden-Württemberg. The kingdom was a continuation of the Duchy of Württemberg, which existed from 1495 to 1805.[1] Prior to 1495, Württemberg was a County in the former Duchy of Swabia, which had dissolved after the death of Duke Conradin in 1268.

On July,16,2019 a young man that went by the names Oliver Evans and Edward Kümmel, re-established The Kingdom of Württemberg. The newly founded Kingdom holds a claim to all of it's former territory however most of the people with in said territory are blissfully unaware of it's existence in the micro-national world. The current amount of practicing citizens currently live in a Sovereign Colony in the US state of Colorado.

The nation mainly organizes itself through the internet via an application called discord.

Server Linked Below.


Message from the King ((German: König))

"I would like to invite all who are willing to join us in this grand endeavor to restore a medieval kingdom to it's former glory. This is will not be an easy task by no means, however with the will of god on our side we can accomplish great things."