2nd Crascian Kingdom

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Preceded By:A7DDC5B8-6CDB-479D-92A7-15E151ECDC3D.jpeg 1st Crascian Kingdom

Succeeded By: AFCC290B-7253-4D7C-8DDE-B814B177BBC8.jpeg SSOC

2nd Crascian Kingdom

(2nd Of July- 28th July)
A6160A8A-8781-4E4E-948F-2BC486EBD339.jpeg Flag

А Роззжвые Гйтйшжзеч Шоягч (Latin: A Possible Futurised World)
Capital city Laidar
Largest city Laidar
Official language(s) Old Crascian,English,
Official religion(s) Crascism
Short name Crascia
Demonym Crascian,Crasque
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Parliament
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation