2021 resignation of James Irwin

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2021 Resignation of James Irwin
"Jacobs' day"
Part of the End of the Irwin Era
James Irwin, the main person in the resignation
Date23 June 2021
GoalsResignation of James Irwin, return of Thomas Jacobs to power
MethodsMental games, threats of war
Parties to the civil conflict
  • Irwinites
  • Jacobite
  • Lead figures

    The 2021 resignation of James Irwin was the crisis in Roscamistan that brought to an end on, 23 June 2021, James Irwin’s political career in the nation.


    On 23 June 2021, two days before the planned coup against James Irwin was being planned by Thomas Jacobs, the Minister of Internal Polish Affairs at the time, James Irwin was becoming ineffective as chaos in the ranks of Government was being allowed and his Vice-President at times was running the show.

    After Thomas Jacobs asked James Irwin over the 40 days of the latter’s presidency, Irwin finally broke and wanted to resign. Jacobs and Irwin then made the resignation letter for Irwin, with both of them required to sign it in order for it to be in effect.

    It said he would become the Secretary of State for Mervustan, which he politely declined, and so at 10:55 a.m on Wednesday 23 June 2021, James Irwin resigned and Thomas automatically became the new President, completely disregarding the succession involving the Vice President, Major Kayden Conboy, and until 11:00 a.m, Thomas Jacobs was President and Kayden Conboy was Vice President, and at 11:00 a.m, Conboy was sacked as both Vice President and Chancellor of Galway City, and Culann Burke was appointed the fourth Vice President of Roscamistan, but left the office of Chancellor of Galway City vacant. David Moore was kept as Deputy Prime Minister of Mervustan, Dean Merritt was sacked from his positions for collaborating with Captain Irwin, also the same with all collaborators.


    After the return of Thomas Jacobs to the Presidency, the political climate would shift from being based around school to being centred in other places.