2021 resignation of Doros Patusky

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2021 resignation of Doros Patusky
Part of new school era and the Senatus Paramount Ultimatum
Doros Patusky, the main person in the crisis
Date21–29 October 2022
Online, Mervustan
Caused byLack of communication between Patusky and Jacobs
Parties to the civil conflict
Jacobs’ faction
Patusky’s faction
Lead figures

The 2021 resignation of Doros Patusky was a crisis that took place on 21 October 2021, when Patusky resigned from his positions and caused a power vacuum, saying his work wasn’t being appreciated by the political establishment. His resignation set off an 8 day political crisis which would end when Patusky returned after a new applicant to the Mervustan Militia was accepted.



After a period of two weeks up to 21 October 2021, President Thomas Jacobs was not active on WhatsApp or any communications he had with Doros Patusky, as to take a break from such. Patusky, confused over the "disappearance" of the President, and believing his ideas weren’t being taken into consideration, formally resigned by messaging Jacobs of such. After his resignation, Jacobs persuaded him to return, at first to no avail.


Seeing this as the permanent loss of a major political figure, Jacobs began to find replacements for the positions Patusky held. Katherine Keadivich was appointed First Secretary of State, Ludwig Collins was nominated for the position of Secretary of State for Defence.


A copy of the Mervustan Militia form that Dean Merritt signed which ended the crisis

On the 29th of October, a day after Patusky made a deal to return if his Mervustan Militia received a new applicant, Dean Merritt, a citizen of Mervustan signed up for the militia, which made Patusky return. Patusky was reappointed the Secretary of State for Defence, and made the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.