2021 Basktinstine Crisis

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Basktinstine Conflict
Twitter Pages of:

Basktinstine Government.
Realzea Royal Government.
The Democratic Christian Republic of Melite.
Espoonan Republic.
Ameristalia Municipality.

Micronational Congress.
ActionMultiple Declarations of War from the Basktinstinian Twitter Page to innocent micronations.

Discourteous messages to the President of the D.C.R. on a Mourning Day.

Refusal to accept equality and democracy.

Apology from the Basktinstine President to the President of the D.C.R. Melite, which was accepted, but distance will be kept.
Open Warning from King Edward of the Realeza UK, to the Basktinstine Government.
Resignation of the Basktinstinian President, with the country having no leader.

The recognition of Basktinstine is revoked by Espoona.
The Great Empire Of Basktinstine.

The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia.
Espoonan Republic
The Second Democratic Christian Republic of Melite.
 The Lehmark Empire

Supported by:

United Kingdom of Great Realeza
Republic of Aleutia

Republic of Litzenburg
Commanders and leaders
The Basktinstine Dictator has never shown his identity, at time of writing.

H.E. Lord Mayor. David Brooke.
H.E. Matthew Tonna
H.E. Ben Hatly

Supported by:
H.R.M. Edward Antony Spencer (the Conqueror)

H.E. Michael Campbell

The Basktinstine Conflict started on September 22, 2021, with the Basktinstinian Twitter Page declaring war on the R. of Espoona,[Tweet 1] on the basis of not believing in God and viewing their political system as a threat.

The next day, the Basktinstinian Dictator put up another tweet, declaring war on the S.M. of Ameristalia and Emp. of Lehmark