2020 austin island presidential election

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The 2020 austin island kings election will happen on both june,6th and july,17th of 2020. the winner and runner up of the june 6th election will face each other in the runoff election on july 17th. the winner of the july,17th,2020 runoff election will be inagurated on July,18th,2020.

first round election

the first round election is the election that will happen on june,6th,2020 the criteria to be on this ballot is

  • the candidates must file with the austin island election board
  • the candidate(s) must have 100 signatures to appear on the ballot
  • the candidate must be a resident of austin island for six months prior to the 1st round election

candidate who have filed for the 1st round election

  • austin young-king of austin island
  • gary gray-president of the LGBTQ community of greater austin island (with drawn but can be voted by means of write in)
  • sal appegio- president of the austin island italian community
  • brian jones-member of the house of delagates from capital citys 6th house district
  • P.R.tinselville- speaker of the austin iskland house of delegates
  • gary bonafante- member of the capital city council
  • robert"skeeter"slums- delegate from the capital city 4th district
  • I.C.weiner- current vice king of austin island
  • louie carbal- current dog warden of capital city
  • john smith- current senator of lealoa village
  • sammy walwith-CEO of walwiths stores
  • jane doe- engineer
  • sargent cornellius cornus- sergant of the austin island army


the austin island kings runoff election will happen on July,17th,2020 and it will face the top two vote getters from the first round election. the winner of the most seats in the senate and the house will win the election. the house of delegates seats are based off of the quadratic root of each municipality population. the runoff election will happen on the same day as the austin island congressional election. and the winner of the most congressional seats will win the election