2020 Wohlstander parliament elections

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Wohlstander Parliament Election 2020
← N/A November 5th, 2020 and December 5th, 2020

All 11 seats in parliament
6 seats needed for a majority
Leader Hunt Powell Connor Shaw Jaime P. III
Party Eastern Unity Front Wohlstander National Party Wohlstander Republican Party
Leader since August 25th, 2019 October 28th, 2020 November 2nd, 2020
Leader's seat State of Falletree Kingdom of Vätersflachland N/A

Leader Mattias F. Jacob Vancapelle
Party Wohlstander Monarchist Party Independent candidate
Leader since October 29th, 2020 N/A
Leader's seat N/A N/A

The 2020 Wohlstander parliament elections are set to occur in two stages. On November 5, elections for seats of parliament will be held. On December 5, elections for prime minister will be held.