2020 Snagovian legislative election

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2020 Snagovian legislative election

6 December 2020 December 2021 →

All 10 seats of the Snagovian parliament
6 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  PND LOGO.png CNS logo.png SPPLOGOSFR.png
Leader Badea Marius Adrian Dhrubajyoti Roy Pierre Pellen
Party Nationalist Democratic Party Snagovian National Congress Snagovian People's Party
Alliance Snagovian Democratic Alliance Snagovian Democratic Alliance
Leader since 2020 2020 2020
Seats won 3 3 2
Popular vote 10 6 8
Percentage 33.3% 20% 26.7%

  Fourth party
  PV concept 2.png
Leader Cristea Daniel Adrian
Party Green Party
Leader since 2020
Seats won 2
Popular vote 6
Percentage 20%

The Snagovian parliament after the election

The 2020 Snagovian legislative election happened on 6 December 2020. Four parties contested, for the former 10 seated parliament, the Nationalist Democratic Party (NDP), the Snagovian National Congress (SNC), the Snagovian People's Party (SPP), and the Green Party (GP).

The Nationalist Democratic Party got the most overall votes, with 33.3%, followed closely by the Snagovian People's Party at 26.7%. The Snagovian National Congress and the Green Party both got 20%. After the election was over, the Snagovian National Congress and the Nationalist Democratic Party decided to form an alliance, called the Snagovian Democratic Alliance.

The alliance became the majority in the parliament, with 6 seats. The Snagovian People's Party along with the Green Party became the opposition, with 4 seats. After being asked about how the two very different parties came to form an alliance, the leader of the Snagovian National Congress, Dhrubajyoti Roy said: "Anything is possible in Snagovian politics!", the Snagovian National Congress being a center-left, mostly non-romanian secular party, and the Nationalist Democratic Party being a center-right, mostly romanian ethnic, nationalist party.


Prahova oblast

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
GP 3 75 N/A
SPP 1 25 N/A
Majority 3 75 N/A
Turnout 4 100.00 N/A
GP win

Aqantica oblast

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
SNC 2 100 N/A
Majority 2 100 N/A
Turnout 2 100.00 N/A
SNC win


The ten seated parliament lasted only for 22 days, between 6 and 28 December. On the last day, the New Moldova Oblast was founded, and it was decided, on the 30th, that they will get a new seat in the parliament, like the other oblasts. On 23 January, the elections in the New Moldova Oblast happened, and the Snagovian People's Party won, with 60% of the vote, being followed closely by the Snagovian National Congress, with 40% of the vote.

The 11th seat to the parliament was added shortly after, Avram Sebastian being chosen as New Moldova's governor, by the members of the Snagovian People's Party. The 100% turnout to the voting was quite unexpected, the results were predicted to be shown on the 9th of December, but due to it, they were showed on the 6th.

Oblasts won by the Snagovian Democratic Alliance
Oblasts won by the Snagovian People's Party (before 30 December 2020)
Oblasts won by the Green Party
The results of the election