2020 New Eiffel constitutional crisis

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2020 New Eiffel constitutional crisis
Part of cringe
Date28 April 2020 - present
Parliament of New Eiffel
Status Ongoing
Flag of New Eiffel.svg Coalition Party Flag of New Eiffel.svg Communist Party
Commanders and leaders
Christina Nowell Leon Montan
Luke Warren

The 2020 New Eiffel constitutional crisis is an ongoing event that started on 28 April 2020, after the appointment of Luke Warrren as an MP.


Both Leon Montan then the leader of the opposition Christina Nowell had intentions of starting a no-confidence vote on then-Prime Minister jOOST Smith. After Zarel Smith opened Parliament on 20 April 2020, a vote of no confidence was passed with 2 for and 1 not voting.

20 April 2020
Vote of no confidence in the jOOST Smith government

Motion proposed by Christina Nowell MP
Absolute majority: 2/3
Vote Parties Votes
YesY Aye
  • The Colitation (1), Communist (1)
2 / 3
0 / 3
  • New Eiffelic Right Hand (1)
1 / 3

After the vote of no confidence against jOOST Smith, Nowell assumed the office of Prime Minister. This did not require royal assent, as stated in the constitution of New Eiffel.