2020 Nablescan Presidential Election

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2020 Nablescan Presidential Election
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7 Members of the Royal Oligarchy
Plurality of Royal Oligarch votes needed to win
Turnout50.0% 23.91 pp
  PresidentClevenger2-2020.webp Nablescan Green party 2020 and 2021.webp Col logan clevenger 2021.jpg
Nominee Jayden Clevenger Kate Clevenger Logan Clevenger
Party Nationalist Party Green Party Desdonian Party
Home state Balboa Terr. Balboa Terr. Balboa Terr.
Electoral vote 6 1 0[a]
States carried 1 0 0
Popular vote 6 5 1
Percentage 50.0% 41.7% 8.3%

Jayden Clevenger, the incumbent President, received 6 Royal Oligarch votes, whereas Kate Clevenger received one Royal Oligarch vote.

Jayden Clevenger, the incumbent President, received 6 votes, whereas Logan Clevenger received 1 vote and Kate Clevenger received 5 votes.

President before election

Jayden Clevenger
Nationalist Party

Elected President

Jayden Clevenger
Nationalist Party

The 2020 Nablescan presidential election was the 2nd annual presidential election of The Grand Empire of Nablesca, held from Monday, June 1, 2020, to Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Nationalist President Jayden Clevenger defeated Royal Oligarch & Head of the Department of Environmental Health Ms. Kate Clevenger, being successfully re-elected for a second one-year term as President of the Grand Empire of Nablesca.

Polls & Analysis from the era soon to be added

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