2020 Elarian Olympics

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2020 Micronational Games
Host Ela'r'oech
Motto"Elarians Saved"
Nations participatingEla'r'oech, Rivera, Neo-Alaria, Dogostan, Alaria
Athletes participatingCharles Madgett, Prince Madgett, Anthony Ramirez II, Anthony Ramirez III, etc.
EventsSparring, Rock Paper Scissors, Leaping, "National Level", "War"
Opening CeremonyDecember 30th, 2020
Closing CeremonyJanuary 1st, 2021
Officially opened byCharles Madgett
Preceded byNone
Succeeded by2021 Elarian Olympics
VenueLouisiana, United States of America
WebsiteACBIC Temporary Theme

The 2020 Elarian Olympics were a series of sporting events similar to the 2020 Micronational Olympic Games that will be for Elarian-led nations, also known as member states of the LENS.

The 2020 games will be the first time such an event was hosted by any Ela'r'oech.

The games took place in December 2020 and January 2021. It was unknown which nations would participate truly until the day the games occurred. Ela'r'oech was presumed by many - except the Hosts - to win every game. Surprisingly, they did not win every game but they did win the most of any nation.

Game Table
Game Presumed Winner Date Projected Winner
Sparring Ela'r'oech December 30, 2020 Ela'r'oech
National Level Unknown December 30, 2020 Ela'r'oech
War Ela'r'oech December 31, 2020 Tie between Neo-Alaria and Ela'r'oech
R/P/S Unknown December 31, 2020 Neo-Alaria
Leaping Rivera January 1, 2021 Alaria