2020 Chemolnese local elections

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2020 Chemolnese local elections
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9 October 2020 (Colonia)
12 October 2020

3 governorships
  First party Second party
  CDPc.png 160207772790631312.png
Party Constitutional Democratic New Hope
Seats won 0 0
Seat change 2 1
Popular vote 47 16
Percentage 60.79% 39.16%

Chemol gubernatorial.png
Elected governors

Local elections were held in Chemol, to elect the governors of Amoi, Colonia and Malaki Elected officials will serve a four-year term. Colonia was first to elect its governor as New Hope candidate, Shady Morsi ran unopposed and was elected governor of Colonia While CDP candidates Cassady Tinday and Berkan Cekic won election in Amoi and Colonia The elections resulted in a substantial defeat for New Hope a de facto vote of no confidence on New Hope both politically, economically (agriculture, tourism), and socially (pollution, labor laws, wages),



The 2 candidates where

  • Cassidy Tidlay, State representative
  • Jarno Duikhuis, Leader of the Christian Party (nominated by Amoi Us)

Amoi is considered the most competitive race in this cycle and is rated a tossup by four of six major pundits.Although Amoi is seen as a New Hope stronghold, the CDP formed a majority in the Amoi Assembly with 4 vs 1 New Hope councilor and 1 Christian Party

The Christian Party and New Hope formed a new local party called, Amoi Us to nominate one candidate in order to not split the vote, Amoi Us nominated the leader of the Chrisitan Party, Jarno Duikhuis as its nominee. State representative Cassidy Tidlay runs for the CDP,

Despite being seen as a tossup Tinday won in a landslide. Many commentators blamed Duikhuis' loss on the lack of the political campaiging which subsequently plus the fact that he is the leader of the Christian Party Much of the blame was also laid on Duikhuis' campaign, which was criticized for being poorly managed despite being well funded.


Shady Morsi was declared the winner since there was no opposition candidates running


The 3 candidates where

  • Max Langedijk, Mayor of Arai City
  • Berkan Cekic, Minister of Social Affairs
  • Selene Delegado Lopez, Mexican urban legend

Throughout the campaign, Langedijk made his proposed 25% tax cut his signature issue. Ceklc attacked the plan as potentially harmful to education, which was his top talking point during the fall campaign. Langedijk unveiled a $310 million education plan


Colonia election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
New Hope Shady Morsi Unopposed
Amoi election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Amoi Us Jarno Duikhuis 11 40%
Constitutional Democratic Cassidy Tidlay 33 60%
Malaki election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
New Hope Max Langedijk 5
Independent Selene Delgado Lopez (write-in) 3
Constitutional Democratic Berkan Cekic 14