2020 Bonumlandian federal election

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Bonumlandian federal election, November 2020

November 26, 2020 (2020-11-26) January 2021 →

10 seats in the Bonumlandian Parliament
6 seats needed for a majority
Registered28 (Steady 0.0%)
Turnout50% (Steady 0.0%)
  First party Second party Third party
  Matthew McMullin (cropped).png Addison Dillon oil painting.jpg Renzo Wessels (cropped).png
Leader Matthew McMullin Addison Dillon Renzo Wessels
Seats won 7 1 1
Seat change 7 1 1

Map of seats won by party
Map of seats won by party

Prime Minister before election


Elected Prime Minister

Matthew McMullin

The Bonumlandian federal election of November 2020 was the first parliamentary election held in the Republic of Bonumland. The Conservative Party won a supermajority in the Chamber of Deputies through their coalition with the Center Democrats, and elected Matthew McMullin as their floor leader and became the next Prime Minister. Deputy Gaia Grìbhinneach as elected as an independent but shortly thereafter joined the Labour Party, bringing their total number of seats to 2.