2020 Austin island monarchial election

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The 2020 Austin island kings first-round election will be held on June 6th, 2020. The candidates who have 100 signatures will be on this petition. the current king Austin young declared that he has had the proper signatories to be on the first-round ballot.on April 26th the Austin island election committee decided to waive the petition because the king threatened a lawsuit. there will be a makeshift ballot used as well as the runoff election. the criteria to be on the ballot is this

  • the candidate must be living in Austin island for 6 months before the day of the election.

the candidate does not have to be a natural citizen of Austin island.


The voting will be done using a slightly modified two round system in which the 1st round candidates are all non-partisian it is similar to a non-partisian blanket primary but you need 50% or more to avoid the runoff election rather than a non partisian primary which is if you place in 1st and second place you advance to the general election. it is like a secret ballot beacuse the voting and vote counting are done in secret.

Since no candidate got 50% or more a runoff will be held between austin young and john smith on july,29th (voting) July 30th (results). and all candidates exceeded 1% of the vote which is seemingly suprising.

Monarchial First Round Monarchial Runoff
Candidate Votes Percent Party Nominee Votes Percent
Austin Young 209 16.91% PFP Austin Young
Louie Cabral 72 5.83% MCI John Smith
Skeeter Slums 162 13.11%
I.C.Weiner 47 3.80%
Cornelius Cornus 125 10.11%
Sal Appegio 43 3.48%
Brian Jones 86 6.96%
Gary Bonofante 94 7.61%
P.R.tinselville 87 7.04%
Sammy Walwith 132 10.68%
John Smith 179 14.48%

[1] The government decided to change the ballot to a blank piece of paper put in a box colored with the candidates political party. in the first round all of the boxes will be colored gray because all candidates are non-partisan as a way to encourage eligible voters to pick a candidate without political guilt.

Counting And Results

The one who counts the results is the incumbent monarch who is the teller. this is beacuse austin island has a incumbent officer law stating that the incumbent counts the votes.