2020 Austin island kings runoff election

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The 2020 Austin island Monarchial runoff election was the first runoff election for the king of Austin Island. The candidates were decided by who came in 1st and second place in the first-round election. Since no candidate got more than 50% of the vote, a re-election was held on July, 29th and 30th. The winner was coronated on July 31st, and the candidate picked a political party of their choosing. It was originally going to be based off of an electoral college until the monarch dissolved the congress and took all legislative power, and abolished the electoral college. Instead. the monarch made it based on universal suffrage. Under article 2 clause 3 of the Austin island constitution taking absolute constitutional power at the end of a congressional session is not an impeachable offence.


Party Nominee Votes % of the vote
PFP Austin Young 0 0
MCI John Smith 0 0

Voting system

The votes will be conducted by placing a blank piece of paper in each of the candidate's boxes which will be tabulated the next day and the results to be published. The Austin Island electoral law states that a winner cannot be declared without getting 50% of the vote. A second bill was used in the two-round system to elect the monarch and was passed on March 19th, 2020. The winner of the runoff election was coronated for a three-year term on July, 31st.


Due to the Austin Island Media Regulations Act of 2020, section 9 clause 4 states that "any media company in greater Austin Island cannot publish unverifiable election results by law. Doing so will result in a 250,000 unit fine, and any reporter who makes such results warrants 5 years in prison. The monarch is going to publish the results in the state media.

Voting requirements

In order to vote on Austin Island one must follow certain criteria:

  • Must be 15 years old or older
  • Have your primary residence in Austin Island.
  • Not be a convicted felon or currently incarcerated (people who did their time in the pokey can vote).
  • Have some sort of valid identification such as a driver's license or otherwise stated

Embezzlement scandal

On June 27th when the monarch was giving a press conference to the media, the press told him about the 28 million unit embezzlement scandal. The speaker of taking 50,000 units and then confessed to turning in documents about the scandal. The speaker of the Austin Island house of delegates said that Mr. Arpeggio and Mr Cabral bribed him 25,000 units to attempt to rig the election to make it look like they advanced to the runoff. There had been some new documents saying that the bank of Austin Island had cooperated in this scandal by giving a so called "40 million unit loan". The bank stated that this loan was the candidates jointly agreeing to "wire tap the bank". On June 27th, the monarch turned the case over to all of the federal authorities. If convicted, Sal Arpeggio would face 11 years in prison, which is five years for both voting fraud and embezzlement (prosecuted as grand larceny in Austin Island) and one year for bribery charges. Louie Cabral would face four years in prison. According to the authorities, they increased the charge for Mr. Arpeggio to voterfraud by adding the charges of bribery and weapons possession. According to the Austin Island sentencing book, Mr. Arpeggio faces a grand total of 8 years in prison and 253,000 units in fines. Mr. Cabral has a charge of tax evasion added to the charges. Mr appegio is looking at a total of 16 years in prision and a minimum fine of 506,000 units. The KTA found on July 8th, that the tax evasion was nothing but donations.

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