2020 Austin Island Monarchial Election

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The 2020 Austin island Monarchial Election Will Happen on July 14th, 2020. the Monarch is Elected by the assembly of people to a three year term. this comes after the monarch revised the congress of austin island to the assembly of people who elect the monarch and the speaker.

Electoral System

The electoral system used to elect the monarch is a secret ballot by the austin island assembly of the people if no candidate gets a majority then a second ballot is used but only the top two candidates based off of votes recieved in the first ballot. it is similar to how they elect the israeli president in the knesset. all 3,620 members of the assembly are elligibleto vote for one of the thirty candidated. Assembly members go in to seperate room and cast their ballot. It is like a popular vote but everyone represents them selves. the second ballot will happen on july,15th. the voting starts at midnight and end at the end of the day or when enough votes are cast. the secret ballot that is used is similar to a two round system.


First Secret Ballot July,14th,2020 Second Secret Ballot July,15th,2020 Recount July,16th,2020
Candidate Assembly Vote Percent nominee Assembly Vote percent
Austin Young 150 8.73% Austin Young 1,824 63.97%
George Grayson 60 3.49% Nigel Stacatto 1,027 36.03%
Leo Stegneck 51 2.97%
Bobby Mindon 59 3.43%
Joey Smore 37 2.15%
Connie Canseco 51 2.97%
Tim Winter 49 2.85%
Walter Wall 47 2.73%
Kerry Lewis 40 2.32%
Samantha Hightower 39 2.27%
Julia Emerson 56 3.25%
Bill Gray 50 2.91%
Robby Thompson 44 2.55%
Daniel Newport 39 2.27%
Annie Gray 57 3.31%
billy Scott 66 3.84%
Wes Winter 45 2.61%
Bob Smith 54 3.14%
Gregory Grando 57 3.31%
Maury Morrison 62 3.61%
Scott Meander 70 4.07%
Noel Nighttower 47 2.73%
Sammy Thompson 50 2.91%
Leo melon 57 3.31%
bonnie thompson 39 2.27%
Edward samuelson 42 2.44%
london lighthouse 39 2.27%
nigel Stacatto 146 8.49%
Gary Gray 53 3.08%
Eddy sminoff 63 3.66%
Total Assembly Vote 1,719 100% Total Assembly Vote 2,851 100%
Assembly Members 3,620 Assembly members 3,620
Turnout 47.42% turnout 78.76%
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voting is done by the austin island assembly who puts a blank piece of paper in each of the boxes all ballots must be cast by the end of the days sitting or by midnight. then the monarch counts all of the ballots in the election.

Subsequent Revote

In the first ballot on july,14th,2020 due to the large crowd of candidates the monarch declared a revote and this time the monarch would personally tabulate the votes in the final re vote the incumbent monarch got 150 votes and his next closest competitor got 146 votes.beacuse no candidate got a majority of the assembly members vote a runoff vote between the top two candidates would happen. in the runoff vote there was only 1,300 assembly members voting both candidates called for a revote due to the low turnout. this time the re vote will use a paper ballot system and the results on the wikipedia page are the final recounts.