2020 Austin Island Gubernatorial Election

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The 2020 Austin Island Gubernatorial Election was the first triennial gubernatorial election to be held on October 9 and no earlier than October,30th. this is the first gubernatorial election for austin island who changed their government to a gubernatorial republic and have to have an election immediately after the shift of government to have an election each party has a primary by rolling a dice the one with the highest roll is automatically the nominee. if there is a tie then a tie breaker roll is needed to decide the gubernatorial nominee this is due to party size. this election is tantamount to a snap election in order to have a fair election to meet the needs of all candidates in the country. as of october,19th with 90% counted none of the candidates have gotten above 50% required to win the first round and a runoff is expected to happen on november,9th a 16 day delay from the original runoff. in the first round austin young was victorius winning both electoral regions by narrow margins. bill boswell had an excellent performance after a vicious attack ad by alex lyell. austin young won by a margin of 10 percentage points on November,15th and took the oath the very same day. he was able to beat a field of 9 candidates

Election Process

The Election will be conducted using the Two-Round System. if no candidate gets a majority of the votes cast then the top two candidates advance to a runoff on October,24th and October,25th. the candidates are nominated by rolling two dice and the person with the highest dice totals are nominated. if there is a tie a tie breaker roll will happen and then who ever has the highest total is nominated. incumbent monarch Austin young has left his position as monarch and decided to be the election teller for the elections. there will be elections for all 66 members of the national assembly on October,29th with 50 first-past the post constituencies and 16 list Members who will be elected on October,30th with the list ballots coming in a party needs to win 34 seats or it is a hung assembly or it is decided by FPTP seats won with a list coalition made. There is one day of voting and one day of counting for each round to give time for all of the results. The Polls Will Open at 5:00 am and Close at 8:00pm on the voting day of each round of the gubernatorial election. The winner of the gubernatorial election will be inagurated onNovember,12th in front of the entire national assembly. A new amendment to the election was passed on september,7th,2020 after a survey says that 90% of voters are uncomfortable going to their post office. this means that both rounds will be conducted by absentee ballot. by september,10th over 30 people have recieved illegal phone calls from people claiming to be the elections commission. on september,22nd early counting has begun with 21 people turning their ballots in. On October,7th the elections commission decided by a narrow vote to annul the October,3rd gubernatorial election. This comes after a decision to delay the runoff because such tight deadlines were put in effect. On October 12 with 80% of the regional vote counted austin young won the capital city region by a narrow 5 points after more counting his lead grew to 7. A runoff is expected to be as early as November,3rd. on october,27th a total tally of 2339 people asked for absentee ballots. two days prior the elections commission voted to cancel all debates between the two gubernatorial nominees because of the delay of the count. in lieu of three debates both candidates will do two interviews together. On November,11th austin Young was declared the winner of The capital city region. later that day bill boswell conceded the race with less than half of the votes counted by november,15th,2020 austin young won the gubernatorial election by a margin of 239 votes


-283 ballots were thrown out in the first round beacuse of failure of signature

-The race for governor is one of three nation wide elections that have a runoff the others are attorney general and public education minister(non-partisian election).

-Austin Young won the race with 55.11% of the vote which is more than the 36% of the vote that his party got in the national assembly elections

-no ballots were thrown out in the runoff.

-Austin young is the first methodist governor, as well as the first overall

-Austin Young and bill boswell were not a member of the conservative independents and liberal independents

-Ed boyd is the first LGBT running mate of a big political party,

-both candidates got over 1000 votes each -No polling places were open for the elections and elligble voters had to send a letter to the elections commission with a proof of id by two weeks prior to the scheduled elections. -austin young didnot hold any campaign events and all campaign ads were done by political action commitees beacuse a september crander post report of candidates in terms of donations and average donations. austin young was dead last in the money game and a capital city observer report stated that he would lose in a game of money. and the money runoff would be between west and lifther.


2020 Austin island gubernatorial first round october,9th,2020
party Candidates Votes % ± people first Austin Young/ Ed Boyd 513 26.97 N/a
independent bill boswell/minnie driver 408 21.45 n/a
reform matthias miller/sylvia benson 261 13.72 n/a
green Ed Delmarco/ lyle smith 173 9.10 n/a
socialist sandra johnson/bill blood bath 141 7.41 n/a
liberal ind tanya lewis lihfter/patricia smith 135 7.10 n/a
conservative ind lovell west/p.r.tinselville 120 6.31 n/a
libertarian alex lyell/tommy brooks 116 6.10 n/a
Nazi stuart del achilles 35 1.84 n/a
Total votes 1902 100 n/a
Elligble voters/turnout 2842 66.92%

2020 Austin Island gubernatorial second round November,9th,2020
party Candidates Votes % ±
people first Austin Young/Ed boyd 1289 55.11 +28.14
independent bill boswell/minnie driver 1050 44.89 +23.44
Total Votes 2339 100
Eligible Voters/Turnout 2842 82.30