2019 Modernization Project

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Logo of the project

2019 Modernization Project (Czech: Modernizační Projekt 2019) was an unofficial name of series of improvements in the Gymnasium State's internal politics. The project was prepared since September 2018 and was expected to end before September 2019, however the plans were extended until December 2019. Goals of the project were to improve and simplify politics within the micronation, and prepare the release of the citizenship applications.

Project details

The project was created for the purpose of improvement of the internal politics of the Gymnasium State. The major changes are therefore planned in the government, namely in the executive branch. The biggest change of the project was replacement of the Government with the Senate and abolishment of positions of ministers, which was decided because of all power was de facto amassed by few ministries. For the same reason, the rights of President and Prime Minister will be specified in a law prepared during the project.

Second goal of the project was the release of citizenship application and making thus the citizenship of the state available. Also, many minor changes were planned to take place and reconstruction of current websites, final changes in foreign policy or legal specification of national symbols, holidays or languages. Originally, the release of the new website of the Gymnasium State was planned, however that was later canceled.

One of the ideas was also eventual annexation of new territory or territories, usable by the government for its intensions. The government has searched for a possible place, however those plans were canceled and expansion of the Gymnasium State became rather a long time goal.

The project was succesfully finished on 31 December 2019, leaving several laws prepared to be proposed to the Senate during 2020.