2019 Fyrinian general election

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2019 Fyrinian general election
Flag of Fyrinia.svg
October 25–27, 2019 2020 →
  Lukáš Čuřík, 27 August 2019 speech.jpg No official portrait.png
Candidate Lukáš Čuřík Emerson Alexandre
Party United Left People's
Home state Czechia Brazil
Running mate D. Longobardo None
Popular vote 5 2
Percentage 71.43% 28.57%

The general election in Fyrinia was held on October 25–27, 2019. President of Fyrinia and 7-member National Assembly of Fyrinia were elected in the election. The power in the micronation was transferred to the elected bodies on November 1, 2019, marking the conclusion of the transformation of Fyrinia into a realistic micronation.

Citizens of Fyrinia were able to elect the President and the National Assembly, a parliament of the micronation. President will become head of both the state and the executive. 5 members of the National Assembly will be elected with a closed-list proportional system, while 2 remaining members will be given to the party of the elected President.

On October 28, results of the election were published. The result was the decisive victory of Lukáš Čuřík and the Coalition of the United Left, both receiving 71.43 per cent in both presidential and legislative election, receiving 6 out of 7 members of parliament. Emerson Alexandre and the Fyrinian People's Party came second, both with 28.57 per cent, receiving 1 seat in the parliament. The turnout reached nearly 55 per cent.


Politics of Fyrinia

Fyrinia used to be de iure parliamentary republic within its simulationist period. The system was directorial, i.e. a political system in Fyrinia did not contain presidential office. Presidential duties within the parliamentary-democratic system were given to 3-member Government Council. After the Transitional State Administration (TSA) took the power in the micronation on August 20, 2019, it was announced Fyrinian political system would be changed and a new constitution would be drafted. The TSA approved a new constitution on September 10, reforming the micronation to a presidential republic.

The new constitution of Fyrinia says that the President is head of both state and executive. Elected President is able to form a government which does not need to gain the motion of confidence of the National Assembly, a parliament of Fyrinia. However, the National Assembly is able to dismiss a minister of the government, if an absolute majority (4 MPs) votes in favour. The whole government except the President must resign if the National Assembly dismisses the majority of its members. President is subsequently required to appoint a new minister within 15 days. President may be dismissed by a constitutional majority (5 MPs) in the National Assembly and may be replaced by Vice President. President may appoint and dismiss ministers and other members of the government according to their own will. President is also able to dissolve the Parliament but only under some rules given by the constitution.

President is elected for a one-year renewable term. 5 members of the National Assembly are elected by closed-list proportional representation of the 6-month electoral period. Two remaining members of the National Assembly are elected for a one-year term, and these seats are given to the list of the party of the elected President.

Before the election

On August 20, 2019, the power in the Fyrinia, which used to be a simulationist entity, was transferred to the Transitional State Administration (TSA), in order to transform Fyrinia into a realistic micronation with democratic regime. Shortly after the TSA takeover of the power in the micronation, the TSA announced it would transfer the power to democratically elected bodies in October or November 2019. In September 2019, it was announced that the power will be transferred on November 1, 2019, following a general election which will take place on October 25 and 26, 2019. On September 25, the first political party, the Coalition of the United Left, was registered for running in the election. Lukaş Çursık, President of the TSA, announced he will run for President of Fyrinia in the election on October 1, with the support of the Coalition of the United Left. The TSA also urged other citizens to enter Fyrinian politics with their own subjects, in order to start a plural political scene in Fyrinia, and announced October 20 as a deadline for registering for the election.

Electoral system

It will be possible to vote by both physical voting and internet voting in the 2019 general election.

Presidential election

According to the Constitution of the Fyrinian Republic, the candidate having received more than a half majority of valid votes of rightful voters is elected for the office of the President for one-year renewable term. If there is no such a candidate, the second round takes place in 7 days. The candidates with two highest amounts of votes continue to the second round. If candidates received the exact amount of votes in the second round, the President is not elected and the next election are held within 14 days. The election takes place even if only one candidate takes part, with a choice of the 'against' vote. A snap presidential election may be called if the National Assembly is dismissed ahead of time. The snap presidential election takes place alongside the legislative one subsequently.

Legislative election

The National Assembly is a 7-member parliament of Fyrinia consisting of a single chamber. 5 members of the National Assembly are elected with a closed-list proportional system, without an electoral threshold, for a 6-month electoral period. However, two remaining members are given to the party list of the elected President, for a one-year electoral term. The National Assembly can be dismissed if 5 MPs vote in favour, or if President dissolves it under conditions given by the constitution. The election takes place even if only one party-list takes part, with a choice of the 'against' vote.

Candidates and party lists

Presidential candidates

# Party/coalition Presidential candidate Candidacy announced Vice-Presidential candidate
1 Independent
(Coalition of the United Left)
Lukáš Čuřík, 27 August 2019 speech.jpg
Lukáš Čuřík
October 1, 2019
Daniele Longobardo
2 Independent
(Fyrinian People's Party)
No official portrait.png
Emerson Alexandre
October 12, 2019
Not announced


Name Ideology Political position Leader Slogan
English Czech
Coalition of the United Left
Koalice sjednocené levice
Social democracy
Green politics
Centre-left Lukáš Čuřík
"The New Era."
"Nová éra."
Fyrinian People's Party
Fyrinijská lidová strana
Right-wing Emerson Alexandre
"We Lead the Crowd."
"Vedeme dav."



Candidate Party Running mate Party Result
Votes %
Lukáš Čuřík UL/SL Daniele Longobardo Ind. 5 71.43
Emerson Alexandre FPP/FLS Not announced 2 28.57
Invalid/blank votes
Total 7 100
Registered voters/turnout 11 54.54
Popular vote

National Assembly

2019 Fyrinian general election.svg
Party Votes % +/– Seats +/–
Coalition of the United Left 5 71.43 6 New
Fyrinian People's Party 2 28.57 1 New
Invalid/blank votes
Total 7 100 7 0
Registered voters/turnout 11 54.54