2019 Auvenum Palestinian protest

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2019 Auvenum Palestinian Protest
DateJuly 5th 2019 - July 17, 2019
Discord, parts of Auvenum
Status Ongoing
  • Flag of Palestine.png Palestinian supporters in Auvenum
  • AuvFlag2.png Members of the Government of Auvenum
  • AuvFlag2.png Kingdom of Auvenum
  • Commanders and leaders
    • William Efton
    • Nicholas Randouler, more
  • Russell Gilzem
  • The 2019 Auvenum Palestinian protest is an ongoing protest in the Kingdom of Auvenum. The protest was sparked by multiple reasons, including behavior of Russell Gilzem's government, the inactive status of Auvenum, and Russell Gilzem's opposition between the State of Palestine.

    Russell Gilzem attempted to bring peace to both sides of the protest by bringing in peacemakers from the OAM, but these people left Auvenum after being requested to by the Palestinian supporters who cited the lack of work toward a negotiation on the peacekeepers.

    On July 7 Russell Gilzem installed an absolute monarchy into Auvenum, therefore rendering the government useless. He fired William Efton and Nicholas Randouler from their posts in government and made sure that it was known that the absolute monarchy would only be temporary. As a result, the protests ended but not before Randouler filed for asylum in Aenderia and the country voted to no longer recognize Auvenum as a nation.