2018 Phoklandian Prime Ministerial Elections

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The 2018 Phoklandian Prime Ministerial Elections, were a regularly scheduled public election that took place on the 1st of October, 2018. This election decided the third Prime Minister of the (then) Principality of Phokland.

1 October 2018
  James.png No-image-female.png
Candidate Sir James Ellis Zoe LaBorde
Party Phokland First Party IND
Percentage 98% 2%

Prime Minister before election

Duke Brock Lang

Elected Prime Minister

Sir James Ellis
Phokland First Party


The 2018 elections consisted of two candidates running for the office of Prime Minister.

Name Party Affiliation
Sir James Ellis Phokland First Party
Zoey LaBorde Independent

Voter Turnout

The elections received a voter turnout of 86%.


Vote percentage received by both candidates.

Zoey LaBorde Sir James Ellis
2% 98%


The winner of the 2018 Election was Sir James Ellis.

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