2018 Micronational Climate Change Charter

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2018 Micronational Climate Change Charter
2018 Micronational Climate Change Charter.png
Date 7–15 June 2018
Organizer Azerty.png Babou Chkaya and Ivanna Minaïeva
Next summit 2019 Micronational Climate Change Charter

The 2018 Micronational Climate Change Charter will be the first edition of the annual Micronational Climate Charter. This first edition will be organized by the Babou Chkaya and the occitanian Minister of the Environment, Ivanna Minaïeva.


According to an idea of Ivanna Minaieva, this charter aims to materialize the commitments of micronational entities on climate change. The charter includes the texts written by each signatory. Each micronation must include in a first part its aquis and in a second its commitments for the next year. Micronations can register freely in the chart below or send their texts to the organizers.


Azerty.png Popular Union of Occitania


  • Constitutional legislation encouraging an ecological approach
  • Bicycle use for ministerial trips
  • Selective sorting and recycling of waste


  • Glass recycling
  • Creating a compost
  • Increase the purchase of local products