2018 Iustian Federal Election

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2nd Iustian Federal Election
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← TBD April 10, 2018 2020 →
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Candidate Austin Jaax Emerson Heffley Jani Kolpo
Party Democratic-Socialist Progressive-Conservative Iustian Communist
Home state Curtis Nickel East Iustus
Electoral vote 12 2 2
States carried 5 0 1
Popular vote 12 2 2

  NicholasRandouler.png Andy Irons.jpg
Candidate Nicholas Randouler Andy Irons
Party Iustus Now New Order
Home state Ortyad Nickel
Electoral vote 8 4
States carried 2 1
Popular vote 6 1

Austin Jaax before election

President Jaax

Elected Austin Jaax

President Jaax

This election is the 1st Iustian Federal Election the reason why it happened was due to a citizenship boom and the introduction of more political parties.

Political Parties Runing


The Democratic-Socialists have had a successful 1st term and have been campaigning on more jobs, better government, unity, and the twitter bill. The presidential candidate of this party is the incumbent President of Iustus Austin Jaax, while the vice presidential candidate is Sierra Bibado.


During the first federal assembly, The Progressive-Conservative party was the 2nd party of the assembly with 6 seats, but faith in the party grew less after the introduction of Iustus Now and the resignation of Haiden Borkson.The presidential candidate of this party is Emerson Heffley, while the vice presidential candidate is Haiden Borkson.

Iustus Now

Iustus Now is a new political party in Iustus that believes in Central politics, and compromises with conservative economics. They have been facing a lot of popularity from former supporters of The Progressive-Conservative party, The presidential candidate of this party is Nicholas Randouler, who in turn is a candidate for vice president. He is greatly known as The former monarch of Posaf and Occitanian governor of Dunsula.


The Iustian Communist party is a new political party one of the ones that caused the april election. They believe in Marxist-Leninist Communism and they in disbaning the twitter bill. The presidential candidate of this party is Jani Kolopo, who is the Leader of Tupos.

New Order

The Iustian New Order party is a political party in Iustus that believes in a new political revolution in Iustus,that forms a just society. The presidential candidate of this party is Andy Irons, whom is The leader of Austrovia, they have no candidate for vice president yet.

The Vice scandal

The Vice scandal was an event that took place on March 23, 2018, when former Vice-President Mohammed D started bad mouthing The Current President Austin Jaax, including bad mouthing Iustus and thinking that all the accomplishments and diplomatic ties that Iustus had established were fake as it appeared to him that this whole micronation was a joke. The President which was in hearing distance pounced on the issue and fired him on the spot reducing him to Governor of Ft Dealvi, Mohammed D was replaced by Sierra Babado.

The resignation of Haiden Borkson

Haiden Borkson was The former Leader of The Progressive-Conservative party of Iustus. Haiden had been facing a lot of other things that needed to be done and he wasn't so sure of being Leader of the PC's. He later announced that on March 28, 2018 he would be resigning with his deputy leader Emerson Heffley taking charge is there new leader. After this polls in There party quickly went down as during the Iustus province special election they only got 3 out of 9.

The Citizenship boom

The Citizenship boom was an explosion of people becoming citizens of The Iustus State. The reason why it happened was because of the rising awareness of Iustus at The Presidents school which caused The 1st Iustian Federal Election.