2018 Alexander crisis

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2018 Alexander crisis
Coat of arms of Alexander.png
Date: April 21–22, 2018
Edward Daniels demands progress and constitutional law in Alexander.
Edward Daniels Declares The Grand Duke Illigitamate.
Multiple confrontations between Max I, Grand Duke of Alexander and First Minister Alexander von Hapsburg against Edward Daniels.
Edward Daniels is kicked from Alexander chatroom and is granted Demirelian citizenship.
Max I
Edward Daniels
Alexander von Hapsburg
Newton von Uberquie
Alejandro Whyatt-Miranda
Patrick Renwick

The 2018 Alexander crisis was a political crisis within the Grand Duchy of Alexander that lasted for two days on April 21 till the 22, 2018.


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On January 7, 2018, Alexander held it's first contested election for the office of First Minister. Due to the limited population of Alexander, the election was a tie between the two candidates Alexander von Hapsburg and Edward Daniels. An agreement was made between the two candidates and Bilal I, Sultan of Shorewell, to have both candidates serve a divided term of four months. Daniels assumed the office of First Minister on January 9, 2018. Daniels would go on to serve as First Minister of Alexander for one month until his resignation on February 22, 2018.

April 21

The initial crisis in Alexander began on April 21, when Daniels proclaimed himself Head of the Constitutional Committee in Alexander. Max I declared Daniels actions unrecognizable. Afterwards, Daniels stated that he did not see any future for the state since he was relinquished from his position. Multiple confrontations between Max I, Edward Daniels and First Minister Alexander von Hapsburg broke out. Daniels criticized the validity of Max I as Grand Duke of Alexander and stated that the Grand Duke was illegitimate and comparing him to Louis XVI . In the end, Daniels was proclaimed a miscreant for insulting the crown of Alexander. The news of crisis in Alexander was shared with the entire Abeldane community in the late hours of April 21.

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April 22

The crisis continued into April 22 with further confrontations between the First Minister and Grand Duke against Daniels. Daniels continued to preach that progress and constitutional law must be met in Alexander. Daniels was asked by the current Vorsitzender, Alejandro Whyatt-Miranda and Prince Regent Newton von Uberquie to add them to the Alexander chatroom to quell the outrage in the state. The crisis would conclude with the removal of Daniels from the Alexander chatroom and the removal of the Vorsitzender and Prince Regent from the state's community chatroom.


After the crisis, Patrick I, King of Demirelia would accept Daniels as a citizen of the Demirelia and would appoint him as Statskansler of Demirelia.