2017 Hasani coup d'état attempt

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2017 Hasani coup d'état attempt
Part of the aftermath of 2017 presidential election
Date19:34-20:49 WET, 16 June 2017[1]

Coup d'état attempt failed

  • Failure by el-Qasentini to topple to Rzayev government.
  • el-Qasentini exiled and his citizenship revoked.
Coup Plotters Hasanistan.png Hasani Government
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Sridgina.png Kaab el-Qasentini Hasanistan.png Əsgər Rzayev
Hasanistan.png Hasan Çakar
Hasanistan.png Onur Aydoğan

The 2017 Hasani coup d'état attempt was an attempted coup d'état in the night of 16 June 2017 by self-declared General Kaab el-Qasentini. General el-Qasentini aimed to take control of the country from recently inaugurated president Əsgər Rzayev and install himself as President.



At 19:34 WET on 16 June, approximately two hours after the inauguration of President Əsgər Rzayev, self-declared General Kaab el-Qasentini issued a statement appointing himself as President and declaring the "overthrowing of power", that the people of Hasanistan shall be "free folk, free from government tyranny" and that the military would supervise the "beginning of a new Hasanistan".

Three minutes later, at 19:37, President Rzayev released his own statement which stated that the coup was "suicide", that el-Qasentini had no power and that the Bogdanoff brothers would punish him. Rzayev released another statement at 19:51, this time in a audio format, which denounced el-Qasentini as an invader and a terrorist and called citizens of Hasanistan to rise up and oppose him.

At 20:15, Hasan Çakar attempted to establish a direct line of communication between Rzayev and el-Qasentini and begin negotiations to end the coup attempt. While Rzayev accepted and was willing to negotiate a settlement, el-Qasentini ignored Çakar's offer. Çakar then aligned with Rzayev and the two began discussing a plan to defeat el-Qasentini and end the coup attempt before the arrival of the next day. The two agreed to a last resort solution by exiling el-Qasentini and revoking his citizenship, a tactic that was previously used during the previous coup d'état attempt in Hasanistan. The decision was formalized and announced to the Hasanistani public by Çakar at 20:49. This announcement was then confirmed by Onur Aydoğan, who declared that el-Qasentini was defeated.[1]






  • Karnia-Ruthenia: In an official note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 17 June 2017, the Imperial and Royal Government condemned the coup attempt and reaffirmed their support for the democratically-established Hasanistani government and the President-elect, Əsgər Rzayev.
  • Mahuset: The government of Mahuset condemned the coup attempt on 19 June, three days after it had took place.[2]
  • Nedland: The government of Nedland condemned the coup attempt on 19 June, three days after it had took place.
  • Occitania: The government of Occitania condemned the coup attempt and supports the democratically-elected president.


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