2016 MFA World Cup

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The 2017 MFA World Cup was the third installment of the Micronational Football Association (MFA)'s world cup and was hosted in TBD. It was organized by the MFA during the summer of 2017. The tournament was the third all micronational tournament held.

TBD teams will compete in the tournament, and will be played in TBD venues across somewhere. It is not determined yet as to whether the matches will be played in either 6-a-side or 11-a-side formats, this will be determined by the ability of the competing teams to organized the teams, this will also affect the number of referees required at matches. This is a non-invitational tournament for micronations.

Host Selection

No host has been determent yet but the Peoples Democratic Republic has been quoted for saying they want to host.


Group Draw

Once signup closes the draw will be made splitting teams into two groups of play and then to the bracket.

The logo will be a lion.



No tickets have been put up yet.


There has been no development on such a game started yet.