2014 Ariana Coup d'etat

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2014 Ariana Coup d'etat
Date16 September 2014
Status Ended
Original Flag - Malaya at Ginagalang.jpgState of Ariana loyalists Original Flag - Malaya at Ginagalang.jpgState of Ariana
 • Lequiarevolution.jpeg Lequia Revolutionary Forces

Supported by:
Flag of Kaleido.JPG Kaleido
Daikokuflag.png Daikoku Federation
Commanders and leaders
Original Flag - Malaya at Ginagalang.jpg Lequiarevolution.jpeg Darwin Eugenio
Lequiarevolution.jpeg Timothy Laranang
46 12

The 2014 Ariana Coup d'etat (Filipino: Kudeta sa Ariana 2014) occurred in 16 September 2014 after Ariana citizens disappointed with Ariana leader's decree to dissolve Ariana formed the Lequia Revolutionary Forces to rebel against the regime of the Chairperson Extraordinary.

On 20:00 (GMT+8), at the height of the coup d'etat, two former Ariana government officials Timothy Laranang and Eugenio de Namayan managed to take over Ariana's Facebook page to announce the victory of the revolution. Nearby Philippine micronations including Ariana's regional opponent Daikoku (which started an isolationist policy against Ariana on May 2014) congratulated the Lequia Revolutionary Forces. On September 17, although too late, the Chairperson regained control of the official Facebook page and expelled Laranang and Eugenio from its administration.

The coup d'etat managed to temporarily restore informal communications between the once-warring Philippine micronations of Kaleido and Daikoku which ultimately led to the 22 September Philippine Micronational Meetup.

International Reactions

  • Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia (informally): Chancellor Joseph Kennedy sent a short message to Eugenio de Namayan via Facebook congratulating him on the success of the coup, saying "Rumor has it you're at the helm in Ariana now. That's great, good to have someone sensible in control."
  • Daikokuflag.png Daikoku Federation: The Federal Presidency of the Daikoku Federation enthusiastically congratulated the regime change, announcing that it will "[show] support to the new government of the State of Ariana under the leadership of Darwin Eugenio. "We would also like to wish for the unity of the Ariano people in this crucial time in their micronation's history and for further cooperation with Darwin Eugenio's government." the statement also read.[1]
  • Flag of Kaleido.JPG Kaleido: Premier Palay congratulated the Lequia Revolutionary Forces and the propulsion of Darwin Eugenio as leader of Ariana.[2]
  • Bbd.jpg Arkapura: Captain Regent Tian Abdurrahman immediately recognized the new regime led by Eugenio and Laranang.